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Hopefully this week. Crappy rainy weekend now. :-/ Will call him this week probably.
Glad to be here!
Thanks David! I am glad to be a part of it and continually learn new things too.
Being new to golf at only a couple months, I did an internet search and found many golf forums. I found this one to be the best; for good reason! You all have helped me with advice, tips, techniques, and most of all encouragement. I pray for our continued success on the greens and helping each other out. You never realize how much a forum can help your game. Most people share similar game issues, concerns, etc. Sure helps a ton! Joe
Good info there! I like the Calloway so far. Still doing some research.
She said "oh great" lol
Since I started golf June 22 this year, I am new and only heard of, but never saw Golf Galaxy. Come to find out today it is about 20 minutes from my house. Went there today. Bought a new bag. Nice and friendly staff. Never knew they were owned by Dick's. Like a golfer' shop spot. Prices were pretty good. Nice selection too.
Thank you!!!!!
I will check them out. Thanks!
Looking to get a practice net for home. Range / course is about 15-20 minutes from the house. When I can't get there or just want to stay at the house to drive some balls, I want a bet. What brand is good? I noticed most are about 6' tall. I want the maximum protection so that in case a ball goes wide one way or another.
New Posts  All Forums: