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Thanks guys!   I've already been reading about the 5Sk's and #1 is definitely relevant to me. i often find my bad shot when i first start a round being a very low snap hook. I think this is because i move my head to the right on the down swing and when i'm not warm i dont shift back onto my left foot in time and get behind the ball.   Thanks for the great tips anyway!!
Yep they occasionally make us actually wear the hats and instead of a gun we get a little can of CS spray!!I prefer it this way though. The more police carry guns the more the criminals will...
Hi i'm a police officer here in the UK. Been doing it for coming upto a year and loving it. the shifts provide plenty of time to hit the course.
Just wanted to say hello to everyone on here. I live in Cleckheaton near Leeds in the UK.   I have been looking up a lot of tips since I started playing again a couple of months ago, after 18 months off to sort out my career, and have found myself on this site a few times.   After posting my three cards i have been given a handicap of 14 but i am hoping to get this down to single figures. I'm looking forward to posting my swing up for you guys to show me where i can...
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