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I won't nice anyone. No nice shot until the ball has completely stopped. If some one does this to me I will nicely ask them to refrain until my my ball has come to a complete stop. I also have to adjust my right sleeve before every shot. When its working my right sleeve will all the way to my armpit. :)
I've been playing since April and I have two birdies. One was on a par 3, I left myself a three foot putt for birdie. The last one was a chip in from the fringe on a par 5. I celebrated those suckers like I had won the Open. The last one was luck the first one I didn't worry about until it rolled in. Right now bogey is my goal. Bogey every hole and you score 90. Like everyone has said, worry about taking the doubles and worse off your scorecard and the birdies will follow.
Golf is not cool. IMHO. I still play and have no interest in anyone's else's opinion. Other golfers will talk all day about courses, clubs, etc. Its the coolest thing for a golfer. But,people who don't golf don't care. On a semi-related topic, I wear shimmery polos to play golf. They are the most temperature appropriate shirts I have to play in. I also get complements on them all the time. I also wear golf shorts because the pockets hold a pencil, tee, ball marker, divot...
I regrip clubs semiprofessionally. I work at a Play It Again Sports and we will regrip clubs. I've regripped about forty clubs so far and it does take some practice. Two things: get a roll off tape instead of the strips. Apply the tape from about a half inch from where the new grip will end, run tape to the butt of the shaft then over it. Apply the tape down the opposite side of the shaft. Smooth out the tape. After you remove the backing come the most important part....
@Club Rat I'll give that a try. I've been working on just hitting consistently, striking the ball. Part of playing that I love is finishing the hole and hearing that ball rattle in the cup.
@ecupirate, thirty yards away I usually roll off the back of the green. That leads to the other problem, my chipping sucks and I'll have a really long putt if I don't go off the other side of the green. Working on chipping hit a bucket of balls at the range practicing a twenty foot shot.
Real quick without starting a new thread, how can I speed up my play without skipping important parts of the game. My problem is that while I can usually get to around the green in two I spend forever trying to get on the green after that. Probably average two more shots to get on. Then I usually have a very long putt. So I spend a long time around and on the green. Any suggestions would be great. I am gonna start picking up gimmies, that should help. Also practicing 30...
I haven't been playing golf that long but that reminded me of when I played competitive pool. Whenever I played someone that cheated, didn't call shots, moved the cue ball, etc. I would eventually challenge them to play straight up, call shots,etc. Usually getting skulldrug around a pool table would shut them up pretty quickly or they would take their house stick and go away. I would do that to him. Challenge him to play nine holes by the rules. If he does you get to watch...
30 yards and in. My last round I had so many approaches and chips roll off the green or 30 feet past the pin. I kept track of my putts and when I two putt I'm around bogey or par...the triples start multiplying when I'm looking at having to one putt for par from ninety feet.
Mr. Clean magic eraser. Works wonders and doesn't scuff the finish. Also works great for cleaning the face of clubs.
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