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I can score 120 with a cheap ball just as well as with a tour ball. Maybe later it will actually matter for me. Right now not so much.
I have a Wilson SuperFly 72*. Its a lot of fun and gets some funny looks but I would not carry it in a round. Too easy to hit it thin.Side note, at the range I go to often I am not allowed to hit it on the covered portion of the range.
I'm the air counter guy. I'm getting better but I still have to once in a while. Usually after a brutal hole. I can get done in the walk from pin to bag. Favorite expression, "One, two, ob, four, five, six, dammit." This is usually on the range but, how about starts digging through your bag without asking guy. Makes comments about how he only hits brand X because that's what serious players hit. Wants to see how the other half live by hitting your clubs. And of course...
I wouldn't be able to stop playing with the one on the right.
I've been hit twice, both times while I was working on a course as course maintaince. First time was the funnier of the two, I was parked under some trees waiting for a foursome to tee off. The first three landed on the fairway about ten yards in front of me. The last guy must have hit a superb banana slice and directly into the trees around me. Those trees were fortyish feet tall and he put his drive into the very top of them. I heard the ball bouncing from branch to...
+1They do work off of cheap commercial carpet on concrete though. I've played with them at work. The main thing they showed me was I was still moving my head early. When I would move my head early complete whiff, head down contact. YMMV.
It looks legit, but I wasn't exactly blown away by the discounts. If no one here has any feedback then you could try them out on a small purchase.
Sometimes its okay, sometimes it isn't. If it pisses off someone in the bar, every time. My favorite type of beer is a draft stout and I don't see any fruit ever going on that pint glass.
Take it easy man. No need for name calling.I believe he was just speaking from experience. Most golfers with your stated handicap replace their four and sometimes their five irons with hybrids.
I have had the same problem with my driver. In my first season of golf, I was driving about 180 carry distance. Yesterday I was at the range and was just focused on tempo. Just swinging smoothly and and not worrying about anything else. Instant improvement to 200. I also got a free mini lesson from the range owner/pro. He adjusted my grip and had me focus on my weight transfer-getting my lower body into the swing. Another twenty yards. So +1 to what everyone else has...
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