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Well, I don't know who that is, yet.  but, well, I probably will soon lol 
haha true.  yes, I'm with you on that. Playing pro golf for a living is truly I think the best job. 
 thanks!  I may be headed in that direction lol. 
ok, sorry if it seems like I'm being too serious on a light hearted subject. was trying to have a little fun myself. ok, peace.
   Wow, I've been on this website not too long and I'm getting grilled lol I love it yes of course lol, my opinion. Rory's accent does help too. And his curly hair.  I find it funny when guys are questioning on who I find attractive (really, not trying to call anyone out here lol) And if Kaymer's a robot, he's one heck of an attractive robot. And that swing though.  Also I find it funny that no one said anything about Adam Scott lol. I personally think many guys who watch...
Favorite Players: 1. Rory McIlroy 2. Martin Kaymer 3. Adam Scott They're pretty easy on the eyes too (I'm a girl, ok. I watch for the sport and know how to talk golf) Ieast favorite players: 1. Tiger (I'm sorry he's kind of a jerk) 2. Jason Dufner (well he doesn't really bother me on the course, I didn't like it when he grabbed his wife's behind on tv) 3. Henrik Stenson (kinda negative attitude on course, especially when he breaks clubs. And then the whole taking off...
Rory Adam (seriously everyone wants that swing though gah) Martin Kaymer Tigers swing of like 2000 or whatever
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