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McIlroy v Fowler?
PLayed a course on Saturday that usually takes 2 and a half hours but stuck behind 6 slow groups and ended up taking us 4 hours, longest for a medal was 5 hours on the PGA Gleneagles (Ryder cup course) which was in high winds.
Is there anyone on the forum travelling to Scotland to attend the Ryder Cup, if so how long are you in Scotland for, where are you staying?
I work for drinks giant Diageo, based in a small lab in Central Scotland, with views of the monument to William Wallace and Stirling Castle, and only 30mins drive from Gleneagles, my work is testing of the packaging for all the famous brands Diageo own, I play golf at least twice a week (Weather depending), and have also written a book on being a member at Gleneagles.
As a proud Scot, and a European supporter, but a golf fan working at the Ryder Cup, I want to see the best and a great competition, with Tiger's injury making it unlikely that he will get a pick, should he be invited as a vice captain, to give experience in the team room??
That's a really nice touch imsys, and that's better than any trophy, I won a years membership at Gleneagles, that was indeed the prize of a lifetime!
Great, and getting clubs is always a good prize, it's usually putters, just missed out on new wedges a couple of weeks ago.
What's the best thing you have own at golf?
Hi peter, not sure about travel, but I will be working at the ryder cup, in addition I have just had my book published in kindle format, as I won a membership at Gleneagles, read about being a member at the ryder cup course Thanks Stuart
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