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Woods didn't qualify. Or am I missing a joke here? ;)
Interesting stuff, thanks for that. You can clearly see his 'lost year' because of his wrist injury in this graph.
Next Thursday the third World Golf Championship of this season starts: Brigdestone Invitational at the Firestone CC.   Last year Rory McIlroy, who won't be able to defend his title due to an injury, won followed by Garcia at 2 shots and Leishman at 3.   As always the field will be very strong http://www.worldgolfchampionships.com/bridgestone-invitational/field.html   Game on!
Thanks guys. It doesn't count as
Shot 49 today on 9 holes. Not a record, but very happy with it. Handicap went down to 28.5 also
For me I would like to see Tiger win a couple of more big tournaments (including at least 1 major) before I can see him solely as GOAT. I don't think it's as easy as 18>14, but on the other hand how else can I draw the line. If Nicklaus would have won 25, then there was no discussion? Or for the ones who think Tiger already is GOAT, would 10 also be enough? Tiger is a better golfer, but better is not always greater. So to answer the question: more (big) wins also in this...
 I guess the same as if someone is hunting you because he/she wants to eat you. Not because they are so damn hungry and there's nothing else to eat, but because they like the taste of your meat better than the tastes of products that don't involve killing and suffering of an innocent party. (which is fine by me, love meat myself, I just don't see that much difference between eating meat simply because you like it, and hunting for sport; both are furfulling a 'need' to your...
Very weak field... looks like the players who will play WGC Bridgestone and the PGA Championship didn't bother to show up. The total purse is also 'only' € 1.000.000 which is the smallest of the entire European Tour calender (besides Madeira Open, but that's basically a Challenge Tour tournament).
I'm desperate trying to break 100, and feel like I'm very close. My handicap is down to 30.5 wihich should indicate I'm close. However lately I mostly play 9 holes a time. My best rounds combined are def. lower then 100, but I never broke 100 while actually playing 18 holes and that is wat really counts in my opinion. My goal is to break 100 somewhere within the next couple of months. Should be possible!
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