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Luiten: feeling confident for The Players Last year Luiten went at T19 into the weekend, but on day three it went wrong. His game seems to get better and better and with a little bit more luck we would have seen him against McIlroy last weekend in the round of 16. Hopefully he can turn his confidence and good feeling about his game recently into a good result on this amazing tournament. Game on!
Not for me, not even close. A lot of exciting matches, couple of play-offs, surprise wins and shocker defeats. That the final itself wasn't close is too bad, but for the rest I saw some great things.
What a sad, childish, pathetic little men.... both Keegan with his 'I am stronger and taller than you old man' attitude and his caddy. Big facepalm.
This is the typical tennis schedule (despite from the group matches). If all the highest seed players won their group, it would be seed nr 1 vs seed nr 16, seed nr 2 against seed nr 15, seed nr 3 against seed nr 14 etc etc. Re-seeding (basically because of some good results of lower seeds) would be one of the unfairest things you could do in my opinion.
Luiten: played great today
Thanks, I didn't know that. I stand corrected.
Luiten: 'I should have closed it' 
I disagree. Being 53rd after round three you still have chances on a good round to climb towards the top 30 for example. Higher on the leaderboard means more points for the OWGR and more money. But in this current Matchplay format it really makes no difference whatsoever if you finish 2nd, 3rd or 4rd in the group. So Dubuisson for example really has absolutely nothing to play for today.
Being 2up with just 5 holes left to play and with getting a number of chances to go to 3up or more, Luiten seemed to qualify for the next round already since Na was also up in his match. But as we saw many times before (and Luiten proved it also against Na), especially in Matchplay it isn't over till it's over: On the last 5 holes Matsuyama shot 3 birdies and an eagle and won the game. Great finish from him, leaving Luiten disappointed about not finishing the game earlier...
Losing 2 holes in a row brings the match back to all square, 3 holes left to play. Unnessesary, missed some good chances to go to 3up. Now everything is possible.
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