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What else is new... ;-)
Very happy with how my golfing is developing this season. Seems like I was 'stuck' at the same level the last 1,5 year but lately I really feel like I start to play better. Last saturday I had my best round (by far) ever, playing +12 in 9 holes on a 'normal' course. Dropping my handicap big time. Sunday I played a short par 3 course (aprox. 75 meters per hole on average) shooting bogey on the first followed by eight straight par's (only downside was I didn't make any...
Congrats @inthehole and @HastyElephant ! Nice going and great prices.
Not a good round on day 4. Actually, two bad rounds in a row with a total of +9. Not finishing inside let's say the top 15 in a major is not a shame, but being inside the top 10 for three days and a serious amound of time in the top 5 even, it's quite disappointing how the last ~21 holes went (+7). This pretty much sums up the season Luiten is having so far. Looking forward Luiten needs good results fast. If I'm not mistaken after his next tournament the result from the...
I need Luiten to win, for me to win the clubs as well Ah well, dreaming is fun.
I like the courses, only thing I can't really see where the greens are from my couch. But it's challenging, asking a lot from players and you need to be patient, play good, and fight to make par. Not concentrated enough or making bad shots and you get punished; great.
After day 3, Luiten is still inside the top 10. Didn't have a very good day yesterday, bogeys on 16 and 17 really were too bad. Hopefully a good round today and at least a top 10 finishing position while hoping he can sneak into the top 5.
Go Luiten! Top 3 now... interesting to see how he'll manage it.
Colsaerts the same if I'm not mistaken. But also back in Europe he's still not performing now...
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