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You're right. I understood he will play 12 tournaments on the PGA Tour, and if I'm not mistake that doesn't include the majors and the WGC's he will play no matter what. Together with his caddy and the rest of his team they will decide which tournaments to play and which not, since his caddy has more knowlegde about the courses and if they suit Joost his play.
According to his website, Luiten will play all the tournaments in the final series. That means four tournaments in November, each of them with a purse of $ 7 million or more. Also he will play Nedbank again in the beginning of December (that tournament counts for the 2015 season if I'm not mistaken), after which no golf for a month.
Luiten climbs to 32nd place of the OWGR after finishing 3rd in the world match play championship.
I don't know... G-Mac after getting his ass kicked? Larrazabal tweeted to McIlroy he should be careful not to lose his no 1 spot to Luiten, haha.
Third place for Luiten. Excellent result.
Play-off. If only Luiten had yesterday's form, haha...
Ilonen wins! What a shocker! (Especially after losing against Luiten in the first game ;))
Stenson leaving himself quite a long putt for birdie, while Ilonen is closeby. He needs to make it or Ilonen is the Match Play champion.
And Luiten Coetzeeto 18 all square.
Dormie for Ilonen at 2up.
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