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Nice going @Cupcakus ! Congratulations.   I shot a 52 yesterday on 9 holes. Not what I was hoping for, and on the course it felt like I played pretty bad. In the end, with 16 stablefort points, it didn't go that bad apparently. Had troubles with my irons and hybrid (which normally is my favorite club); was shooting pretty straight, but no distance at all. Pretty weird. Strange thing is that off the tee with my driver it went better then ever. Chipping and putting also...
Yes.. feel like the updates are the same every tournament. This season sucks.. :(
What J? 
Great tip, thanks a lot. Will def. practise that.   So basically my backswing should be, at least for now, a lot shorter than it is right now. That last practise video gives me a very good idea of the drill. Thanks again.
Tried yesterday to focus on keeping my left arm straight in de backswing (and going forward): damn, that messed up my shots. Has to get worse before it gets better I guess. Didn't think about making a video of it; i do have an other video from behind from a couple of weeks back though:     I know my swing is, euhm, not that good so will take any help I can get :)
I think they choose. I see Luiten do a lot of practise rounds with his good friend Wiesberger for example.
Thanks guys, appreciate it. Funny thing is that my swing feels l keep my arm straight, yet I can clearly see myself now that's not the case. Maybe I should practise it with a shorter backswing first? I do 'dance' a bit too much with my lower body.... a lot to improve Tomorrow I'll hit the driving range again. I will ask my friend to make a video from behind as well.
I've been Playing Golf for:​ about 8 years, with a pause of a few years. Started more 'serious' again about 1,5 year ago My current handicap index or average score is: My current handicap is 28.5 My typical ball flight is: My typical ball flight when things go wrong is an unintentional fade. The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: get rid of the fade; mostly with long irons (4/5) and my driver.     Videos:    I'm probably a bit too much to...
I'm putting my money on Zack Johnson. Leishman and Oosthuizen might also do well.
Not a good finish, and another disappointing result in this tournament and in this season. This week his last performance in the USA this season, and before the KLM Open in September.
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