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From all players in de top 10, Luiten is the only one without any shots on video at the PGATour website.... Hopefully he will be soon enough a household name and they give him some more airtime and attention.  
Shot another birdie yesterday before they play got suspended. With four holes left to play he's T10. Very nice start of his PGA-season.
And now hitting the water... choking?
Double bogey for Poulter now, making it very exciting at the top of the leaderboard..
 It's allowed to replace your ball (and clean int) when on the fairway now if I'm not mistaken. Because of the (wet) bad conditions of the course.
2nd birdie in the last 4 holes! T12 now... come on, get that top 10!
Luiten went trough the Bear Trap at -1, making it -3 for the Bear Trap this tournament. That's pretty cool.
Poulter 3 strokes ahead. Is it going to be his first PGA stroke play win? Glad they listenend to me.
And again a birdie on the bear trap!
 Lol, we finally get to see him on screen, but now for missing the green and shooting bogey. Ah well, it's good they found him :-)
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