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That seems too easy. I don't think it would be fair to blame the captain when players don't even accept invitations. To me it sounds strange that you even need to be motivated to represent your country in the Ryder Cup.
Tomorrow Joost Luiten will be in a flight with Stephen Gallacher. Friday with Sir Nick Faldo and Saturday with Viktor Dubuisson.
 Mwah, now you're taking all kinds of countries in the sum that don't play any role at all in the golf sport. USA have 25 players in the top 50 of the world, you should be able to make a competitive team out of this.  I think it's not about quantity, and not even completely about quality (even though at this specific moment Europe have the better golfers), it's a lot about mentality. Europe also managed to win with lesser teams in the recent history of Ryder Cup, and seems...
 Couldn't agree with you more on this one.
The tournament will be played on three different courses, so the cut will be made after three days. The final day the players will play at St. Andrews. Also on the first three days they will be accompied by amateurs for a pro/am tourney. Some of the notables playing: Johan Cruijff, Ruud Gullit, Luis Figo, Hugh Grant, Damian Lewis (Homeland, Band of Brothers), Sir Bobby Charlton, Bill Murray, Dan Quayle and many more...
Starting Thursday, Super Joost will play at the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship. Other big names: McIlroy, Kaymer, Dubuisson, Gallacher, Molinari, Oosthuizen, Harrington and more. The last three tournaments Luiten got 1 title en two more top-5's so the expectations are high.
Europe had the Seve Trophy in October 2013 and the EurAsia Cup in March 2014. But Europe made the choice (and/or the players did) not to let all the best players compete in it. However in the EurAsia Cup earlier this year, McDowell, Bjorn, Dubuisson and Gallacher were present.
Maybe that's why I said 'or anybody else'. If he showed the same behaviour towards a teammate I would have the same opinion.And how do you feel about that? I didn't know this, but in my opinion his behaviour is in that case as bad as Phil's (maybe worse, from a captain you expect even more). Fighting those fights trough the media is a sign of frustration and weakness in my opinion.
What Phil did is unexcusable. If you have a problem with your 'boss' (or anybody else), you take it up with him. If that doesn't help you go to the person above that (PGA or whatever). Imagine it would be the other way around, and the captain publically trows one of a underperfomrning player under the bus. Would that also be okay? I guess not... Very bad example Phil sets here, this is not the way.
 Performances of Euro's captain's picks: Gallacher: 0 points (2 matches)Poulter: 1 point (3 matches, no wins)Westwood: 2 points (4 matches) Also none of them won their singles match. Form of the day aside, mostly captain's picks are not as good golfers as the rest of the field, otherwise they would have qualified automatically I guess.
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