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European Tour http://www.europeantour.com/europeantour/season=2015/tournamentid=2015040/leaderboard/index.html
Kaymer, who was in the same flight if I'm not mistaken, with a +8 btw and T149. Were they drunk or something?
+9 for Rory at day one..... Unbelievable. Worst score of the whole field so far.
T11 finishing position after a good last round of -5. Not bad on this course with this kind of field. Unfort. a bad 4-holes streak (lost 5 strokes) on Saturday.   Next is a relatively small tournament on the European Tour, the Nordea Masters in Sweden, starting next week. After a week resting it's off to the US Open.
Impressive round, T4 for now. Nice position going into the weekend.
This week Luiten plays for the first time in Europe since November 2014 (Turkish Airlines Open), at the BMW PGA Championship. Last year he finished 12th on this big tournament with a $ 5,000,000 purse.
"I want outrageous speed with a Callaway XR Driver!"   Phil Mickelson - 13 Rickie Fowler - 13 Joost Luiten - 13
 Very strange comparisation in my opinion, sorry to say. Having a life insurance doesn't reflect or bother other people. Have a gun might: it can get stolen, it can be used in an illegal manner, you can turn out to be a crazy one... so you posessing a gun can have a impact on other people's lifes, having a insurance can't. I feel like the discussion can split in two ways. I understand that a gun can protect you, and that there are examples that it did. Also that changing...
A certain percentage of the outlaws, yes. Offcourse. But when guns are a 'general good' (is that correct English?) and there is a free market in it, a lot more people will have guns. A small time thief or wanna-be criminal in Holland will have a hard time to get his hands on a gun, if not impossible. So the crimes he will commit will simply not involve a gun. The quote you gave is a over simplification in my opinion: everybody understands that if you ban guns now, that...
It's interesting to see how important it is for a lot of people in USA that they actually have the right to own (and carry) a gun. A complete mind**** for me and most people in the Netherlands and other countries nearby. And by some the believe that it makes them saver; maybe in a specific situation it can, but the society in total is obviously not a saver place if everybody is allowed to carry a gun (meaning that buying a gun is also easier,). If I would be a criminal and...
New Posts  All Forums: