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Appreciate all the replies.  I wish I could edit my post to better clarify.  Not sure what's up with that!  (inability to edit). You're right that there are surely some flaws causing some balls to spray.  My problem is I'm just as likely to rip down the middle as I am to go right or left.  Everything is occurring: draws, fades, pulls, push, slice, straight, hooks.  More often than not, I'm near the fairway. What I'm looking for is more of what I found playing Srixon Soft. ...
That seems like a hacker ball, but I'll still try it. 80% of my drives are straight. I found that my miss hits stayed on the course with that Soft Feel ball but traveled out of bounds with other balls. Looking for a higher end ball that does the same off the driver. Anyone know why I can't edit all the typos in my post???? I'm on iPhone and it hard to see with the small text box Sandtrap mobile uses.
Angry birds are 70 compression. Made for 13yr olds. For a 7 year old they'll feel hard as a rock. Lowest compression on the market is the one you need.
Awesome write up! I've been curious about these. Wilson is not a brand I would trust now I can make it off my list. Have you tried Srixon soft feel?
New here. I'm sure this has been covered but it's my biggest question. I crush my drivers. People oh and ah and the big flight, but I'm going out of bounds too often. Looking for a ball the doesn't spin off the driver Don't care about how far it goes Would like soft feel around the greens I tried reading manufacturers descriptions but they make every ball sound like the right one. ProV1's do horrible for me off the tee. I played Srixon soft feel and they stayed...
I have a 5yr old golfer. What you're looking for is low compression. Callaway soft Wilson 50/50 Sirixon solf feel
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