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Picked up some used Callaway RazrX irons (I'm cheap,I refuse to pay $750-$1000 for a new set). My first round with them was unreal, I hit them so straight!
Anyone played the e5 and e6? I know the e6 is supposed to have lower side spin to reduce hooks and slices, but also does not have as much spin around the greens compared to the e5. If you've played the e6, how did you find the spin on the green? Was it ok but just not quite as good as others, or was it basically like playing a rock?
First off I am "thrifty", always looking to save a buck. I've never been a buyer of recycled or used balls, because of lack of quality (real or perceived), but seeing as how expensive new balls are getting, I'm rethinking that position. What are your experiences with recycled balls, if you get the highest graded ones? Performance close to new? If so, where's the best place to get them still in good shape? I know Wal-Mart has them but they're all different brands, I'm...
The reason it was important to me to get the semantics right was to fully grasp what you're trying to teach me and why.I'll watch your video again, work on things and repost, cool?
Ok, I think I know where the confusion is. (Deep breath) here we go:I'm saying "straight" because it's starting where I intended it to, you're saying "left" because it's left of my setup.So in reality, when I do get it to draw (50-50) I'm actually hitting a pull-hook.
The pole isn't the target. The target was a sign that was hidden by my torso. I'm not saying I'm not swinging left. What I am saying is the shot in the video started at the sign and drew.
Yes I just wanted to make sure he/you werw basing your thoughts on the right information. Maybe I'll take a new video based on your link and I'll indicate where my target is, just so we're all on the same page from the start :) Are there any positives you can give me that I'm doing that I should keep doing?
I think maybe that's why the camera angle was off, because those shots were starting dead straight (I remember I was there ) I set up the camera right behind me instead of behind the ball along the target line. Regardless I will watch the video and work on those things
Oops, just posted in the wrong forum
Here I'll post the full 4 swings (one video) I took with my 5 iron. The first one started out good but faded instead of drew. (You can see the ball flight) The 2nd one was HORRIBLY bad (WAY right) The 3rd and 4th were as beautiful as they come. Right at what I was trying to aim at with a slight draw.
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