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  . . . and he still shot a 63
Hunting Hawk Golf Course #3 ~485 yards with Driver / 5 iron.   Approach hit the green about 2 feet short of the hole, hit the pin and finished about a foot to the right of the hole. Just read online that the odds of a double eagle are 1 million to 1 and the odds of a hole in one are 13,000 to 1.     So close, yet so far away. . . did make the putt
Thanks - I did get out today, so things are looking up!
I'm joining the site to get my golf fix.  I haven't been getting to play nearly as much golf as I would like of late.  None of the public courses in my area have a men's league, so I started an informal one last summer.  We played 9 holes after work and then had a beer or two.  We were able to get out almost every week.   This year I decided to start the group even earlier in the season thinking I'd get in more golf this year.  No go.  Everyone is so busy this year with...
New Posts  All Forums: