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I played 18 at Candlewood valley golf club in new Milford. I scored a 53 on the front 9 and a 54 on the back 9. My short irons really worked well for me today. I pared a couple of holes and double bogie a bunch. I have only been playing since March. I hope to become a par golfer at some point. My driver stopped working around hole 13. Lol I started to get hungry and it was getting dark.
I purchase things online when they are cheaper and it's the same product. I have purchased from global golf and 2nd swing. Both have been great even with new items. Got my Nike vrsx clubs for a great price and my driver and 3 wood used and saved at least 50%.
I Purchased a Nike Hybrid 3 +4 from global golf last week.
I have my driver on the neutral loft. But it's adjustable and probably depends on your type of swing. I hit more line drives with my normal swing. I could probably adjust the loft at some point. Dicks has a sale on the tour 2.0 for $199.99. If you don't want to spend that kind of money check global golf.
I shot a 113 at crestbrook in Watertown CT today. We played the course backwards and i struggled on the back 9 and did better on the front 9. I hit my 5 iron well and wedges pretty well. I struggle on the Par 3's because i have to hit an iron off the tee. I think i might start hitting half swings with the 3 wood. I need practice hitting irons off the tee.
I use the Nike VRS x Irons and the Covert 1.0 driver, 3 wood, 3hybrid (tour version), And 4hybrid (tour version). I though about buying the 2.0 driver and demoed it at dicks. I saw no difference in contact or distance so i didnt buy it. I just got my hybrids but im super excited to hit them I actually purchased them from @GlobalGolf they are the first place i look before buying any clubs.
Golf tees, nike golf shirt on sale, and a nike microfiber cloth.
Yeah I'm really looking to cultivate and tweak my swing in order to be more consistent.1. Get the correct arc and comfortable swing.2.Hitting my irons with down force instead of sweeping in order to get ball flightI'm thinking about getting a pack of 3 lessons at GG. I wish it was closer though.
I'm in new milford which is in litchfield county. It's more like 1.5 hours my issue would be having the time. With teaching, 2 kids, and coaching basketball for middle and high school I was looking for someone or something near my home or school. Maybe I can do the 5 keys system next summer that would be a nice end of school year gift to myself. Lol
Thanks for the reply. According to the map the only instructor near me is Located in NYC. As far as the other system I'm a hands in learner. It's why I could only take certain classes online while in college. Something about having a teacher in front of you and being able to ask what pops in my head. Any other suggestions?
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