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I am going to give that a try... Thanks for the link!
Devin, I think the Golf MTRX is a great tool. I have learned much from it. For example, My hip turn on the backswing was 50-55 degrees which is a bit much and my hip turn at impact was only 10-12 degrees. What I have done is anchor my right leg better and decreased the backswing hip turn to 40 degrees and now can get open 20-25 degrees at impact which is much better numbers.   I am not really paying too much attention to the score but am trying to get consistent with the...
LOL I completely agree with you. Try "stalling" your hips on the downswing... the golf swing happens too fast. Just like the old advice of "delaying the hit"; it can't be done. 
I started using Golf MTRX. I am actually flabbergasted at my own swing sequence. My hips rotate 40 degrees on the back swing and then alternate accelerating and decelerating all the way through to the finish at 110 degrees. I am 55, been playing for 48 years and my driver swing speed is around 103-105. I really don't understand how I can decelerate the hips and release with arms and hands. My swing makes no mathematical or physical sense. I play a pretty good game of golf...
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