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I love seeing the science behind golf swings and putting strokes.  It helps me understand why the golf swing is the way it is.    Thanks
I am 5' 4" and when I bought my Stage 2 Driver I was told not to cut it down.  Just choke down on the club if you want a shorter shaft.  It gives me more control and when I get to wide open par five I can grip it at the full length and let it rip.  In my opinion no reason to cut down the shaft of a Driver.
I was curious as to other golfers workout routines during the season.  I have been debating some different things with myself and I was curious to other views.  If you are golfing two or three times a week is working out hard actually hurting your game? 
I am a student at Penn State and an intern for an engineering company.
My name is Travis and I reside in Reading Pennsylvania.  I have been searching golf related topics on google lately and The Sand Trap is always one of the top results.  I figured it would be a good thing to join so I could talk to other golf enthusiasts.  Happy to be here and can't wait to get into things.
New Posts  All Forums: