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If I had the ok from the owner I would, but I don't want to risk anything as far as the legal process goes.  Sorry, I know that sounds like a cop out, but it is not my putter, I have just been lucky enough to get one early and start selling them.  If you go to his facebook page you can see a lot more details about the grip and putter, but that is all I can tell you:  https://www.facebook.com/DirectedForcePutters Like the site though and look forward to talking golf with...
Seeing as your the person who runs the site I am not going to argue with you, but perhaps when you are given one to review you will change your mind.  Maybe you won't, but I think he is on to something with this technology and if it takes off then it will be a great success story for those who were in on it early.  If not, it is still a great putter.
Sorry, didn't see that post.  Would be interesting to see them side by side.  Part of me wonders if this had the name Scotty Cameron or Bettinardi behind it if people would question it as much?  I understand people are skeptical, but I truly think when people experience it they will see it is nothing like any other products on the market.  I don't think I have heard him use the word torque balanced though.  All I know is that between the new grip that he got approved by...
Ok, give me a putter brand and model and I will find one and test it.  I will even record the results for everyone to see.
The only center shafted putter I have in my shop is the TaylorMade Spider Mallet CS.  This putter did the exact same thing as a traditional blade putter, twisted and moved. 
No other face balanced putter would work like that in the jig.  I have personally tested every so called face balanced putter in my shop and they all spin and twist.  
How are you liking your G-4?  I have G-2 Chubby and I think it is amazing!
Thanks for the information.  He is most likely going to, but right now it takes a lot of start up money to get everything going.  I will definitely post on other threads.  Thanks again.
The toe sweep grind puts a majority of the weight out on the toe allowing the club to stay open much easier and therefore pop the ball up higher.  Amazing wedges, I have put a lot of students into those wedges this season.
G30 is probably the best driver on the market as of right now!  Wish more companies would do what Ping does and actually take their time releasing products.
New Posts  All Forums: