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Thanks David. Also where would you put Grand Cypress New and the disney courses on that list?
Hi,   I have a golf trip booked in orlando where we are playing: Championsgate - International OCN - Panther Lake OCN - Crooked Cat Shingle Creek   A few of us are getting in a day early and want to play an extra round. We are looking to play close to where we have to check in so i have narrowed it down to these courses.  Which course do you all recommend out of hte bunch or which few are your favorites?   orange lake - legends waldorf astoria celebration...
Dave, so the following are definites:   OCN - panther lake OCN - crooked cat Shingle Creetk   you mind ranking the following as a fourth? Waldorf Ritz Championsgate - international Falcon's Fire
I personally think the gambler is a bit gimmicky.  That being said king's north is still my choice over grand dunes.  Overall a more fun course. If you are looking for something less links style. Check out pine lakes "the grandaddy". Great course to start a MB trip with.
Hi,   Was putting together a package as we have about 12-16 guys coming down and it seems like the easiest way to put it all together.  We did our first yearly trip in myrtle last May.  We arent coming down until early May 2015, but im not too familiar with Orlando (only played reunion) so wanted to get my research done:   Here is what i have so far after making some modifications. I am basically putting the packages together by choosing the courses and accommodations...
are the acccomodations nice? ive heard its like a compound, pretty hectic.
any good?
Hi, I am having a tough time finding course rankings for Orlando. I am looking at two diffferent packages (see below). For anyone familiar with Orlando which package do you think is the best? and which courses are the best out of the ones below?   Package 1: celebration Golf Club Disney's Palm Golf Course Disney's Magnolia Golf Course Ritz Carlton Golf Club   Package 2: Orange Lake Resort - The Legends Orange County National - Crooked Cat Orange County National -...
I prefer King's North over Grande Dunes.  Went to myrtle in may and played:   grande dunes kings north south creek pine lakes
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