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Shot an 86 today in the first round I've played all year. My average is around 90 so that's not too bad for my first round on a soggy golf course.
Unfortunately, our High School has pay to play, so we have to pay like $250 at the beginning of the year. But after that everything is free.
Update: Well, I made the team! Thanks for all of your help, it really helped me play well!
Yea 18-holes over 3 days is pretty tough. Thanks for the advice I'll keep in mind!
Ok thank you! I'm familiar with 2 of the 3 courses, but I'll check out the scorecard/map for the third course today. Thanks again!
Hello everyone! I am trying out for the High School Golf Team this week. We play 18-holes on three different courses on Friday, Saturday, and Monday. I'm pretty nervous for this tryout, but I'm confident I'll play well. With that being said, does anyone have tips for the tryout? I tend to get pretty nervous when I play in an event, no matter how much I try to ignore the nerves. Thank you all!   -Billy
New Posts  All Forums: