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If people are interested I am a sports hypnotist & have helped a lot of golfers.   In fact that is what made me take up golf.   Some of the top golfers use hypnosis to help their game like: Tiger Woods Phil Mickelson Jack Niklaus   Am happy to help & do sessions over skype.   My thought is (even though they are biased)  you can read books etc but trying to get more focus & stay calm under pressure etc is a hard task to master.   Hypnosis has instant results.
I think I would just pay the money & get it professionally stamped.   I have stamped things in the past & is harder than it looks.   Not only getting them in a straight line but the correct gaps etc.
I live near 2 golf courses & didn't take up golf.   I didn't think I had the patience for it.   I had a few clients that came to see me to help their own golf game & suggested I try it.   So I did, & I have enjoyed it.   It is only early days for me, balancing work / family.
Well looks like he is living his dream.   Good luck to him, wish I had the time & the money to follow mine.
Hi everyone,   I'm a sports hypnotist.   I get the pleasure of helping people all over the world improve their mental side of their sport.   I've been told from a few clients to take up golf, so here I am.
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