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Wouldn't distance play a pretty big factor in this? From 150 Im hitting either a PW or a 9 depending on which side of the marker Im on whereas my friend is hitting a 7. Im actually pretty good w/GIR for my handicap because I'm fairly long and I hit the ball pretty high. Just seems like bigger hitters are at an advantage here.
Hey guys, so I just recently got fit for a new set of irons. In the end they settled on +1/2" and 3* up but I couldn't afford all the clubs I wanted at the time. I need a 60* wedge and I've seen a couple used ones in great shape for about half price on eBay and amazon. My question is, is it possible to have the lie angle adjusted/how much is it? And also I noticed that stock shaft length for the 60* is 35", and the 50* is 35.5", so should I look into buying a 50* shaft?...
Hey guys, completely new to tst but I've been lurking for a while, reading about tips just trying to get better. Some really good stuff here which helped me finally break 100 with a 99 at what is basically my home course. I actually opened with a 10 on the par 5 1st (really 10th but went off the back), basically just said **** it! No way today is the day. Played free the rest of the round not really paying attention to my score just tracking fiairways, greens and putts,...
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