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 I agree.  My pet peeve tends to be more when people say nice shot while the ball is still in the air.  Of course the ball usually hears them say this and decides to dip down right into the green side bunker. Balls have feelings too.  You have to be honest and respectful to your ball.  Happy Gilmore can attest to that.  That ball didn't go in his home because he didn't ask nicely.   All jokes aside, you can hit a good putt/shot without the results being good.  That is golf!
Found a Prov1 in the parking lot before my round of golf yesterday.  Decided to play with it just in case it was a magical ball (Like Mike anybody?). Turns out, I was right.  Ball of destiny.  I never hit the ball OB once during my round (only done this 1 other time) and shot a 40 - the best 9 hole round of my life.  I'm playing in my first tournament on Saturday and I plan to use the magical ball.  I will post results later   But anyways, this got me thinking.  Do any...
 Honestly I don't know why more people don't play with rain gloves to help grip the club in humid or hot temperatures.  It is night and day difference!
+1. Discovered this bit of knowledge this year and it has helped tremendously!
Yes I was fitted. And I have short arms for my size anyways.
Yes we have 1 course rater position in GAP. I've been on a few ratings and they are awesome. Almost always get to play the course after. Don't know how it's considered a real job!!
Yes but the "experienced" 3 people sometimes consist of interns and volunteers.
 Haha, makes sense now that I think about it!
 Thats not true.  The slope rating is the difference between the Bogey Golfer's rating and the Scratch Golfer's rating.  A lot of this has to deal with distance and if there are forced lay ups, forced carries, etc.  I believe bogey golfers can hit a maximum of 180 on their 2nd shots and scratch golfers can hit 200. Not positive. But a course can have a very high slope rating and a low course rating if the distances work out like that.  I just learned this recently!
David,   I've been on a few course ratings as part of my internship with Golf Association of Philly.  The sand shouldn't make too much of a difference.  The only thing I can think of is if your course has modified the bunkers to make them deeper.  If they are more than 5 feet elevation they will get a higher score than if they are 4 feet or less.   Other than that, the only other thing that could possibly affect the CR would be the actual rater.  The entire process is...
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