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Voted non and believe strongly no Unless of course they proved to have depression in personality effects
I am probably older than your good self but could repeat your upbringing retained habits verbatimAfter 53 years married have recently lost my fair lady to pneumonia but we never believed good manners belittled either party
All the comments have value but for me the best for focussed help has been on. concentrated relaxing of hand elbows and shoulders
Anyone for golf
Greg Norman or Faldo Ps That broomstick is simply not golf and the authorities bottled the correct decision years back
You surely mean the Tottenham game on Sunday ??
This must be the same man (struggled to avoid adjective ) who suggested bigger soccer goals Leave the game alone but make pay to play cheaper in off peak times and with all the money swishing around in golf lay on more free group instructed practice sessions
Baz played your course in July and have seen the notice banning said shoes and now understand the problem Ps that is some 18th to finish on
Many UK clubs with "standards" as all above and personally I am all for regimented Grace and manners in and around golf clubs/courses There is however a UK problem of falling.g memberships and good old fashioned snobbery and over priced joining fees with more cost in annual fees generally to blame From my own observations the clubs with the biggest membership problems are those where hierarchical snobbery is obvious and the "blazers" forget that the members are the...
Tigers problem is a career that has stretched with serious intent from circa pre infant schoolGiven the nature and physical intensity of his swing his body has experienced twice the workload of the normal pro golfer and must be fast approaching the end of a great career
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