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My average score is MUCH higher than this, but I chalk it up to not playing golf nearly as often as I'd like. In fact, today was the first day since September 2014 that I have even played. You may need to start recording more info (besides your score) so that AFTER the game, you can start seeing if there are patterns.   For example, I do this, and later type everything into a spreadsheet. At this point I have enough data over months and months to see obvious problem...
I think #2 is the right way of thinking. Your are likely subconsciously hitting all non-putter clubs the same way, and the driver definitely needs a different styling. I would say instead of playing a round of golf one weekend, spend the same money on the driving range and do that nonstop. The weak link sounds like it's there, and if you only do the normal round play, you'll have a mere 18 chances at most in any given day to even swing the driver. You won't accomplish much...
I think for the average person, golf should just be a hobby - like reading, watching movies, listening to music, playing videogames, etc. For me, that's what golf is. An incredibly relaxing and rewarding hobby.   Too much in life is not going to turn out like young golf hopefuls wish. People need to be realistic. Factors like being born into wealth/luxury (where one CAN afford to golf all the time, get pricey lessons, etc. from an early age), having actual talent for...
 Man...I wish I had your skills w/ driving! That is always the scariest thing for me...so far, I've just been lousy at it, and the fact that I often lose balls on certain holes due to my bad driving makes me even more paranoid. :/ Putting and shorter iron shots are actually my strongest, most reliable stuff. It's the far away stuff that gets me!!!
 Hmm...back in August when shopping for a new Iron set, I was able to find a legit set of TaylorMade Speed Blades from a TM authorized eBay seller, and when you factor in no tax + free S&H and the already lower price...I saved close to $300 compared to what a similar set of PING Irons would have been. That said, I do have a PING putter, which I really like, and is worth the cost.
I am indeed! Golf is freakin' hard :P
Man, I feel you OP.   I started playing golf again 2 months ago after not playing for over a decade!   ...and while I'm not doing as bad as I was day one coming back...I'm not making great advances.   Part of the problem is outside stress - it's weird...but I can't seem to enjoy myself while playing golf if I have a lot of outside stress affecting me. And if I'm not enjoying golf, I get frustrated more easily, and start making bad shots more frequently. Today I swung...
I'm a web developer/designer (work from home) but I work part time locally as a print designer.
Hey I'm impressed OP. I've been playing for over a month now and I still don't even know if I'm swinging right. You looked pretty natural in the video.
 Hmmm...that does sound bad. I guess I was coming at this from more of a consistent action that everyone must deal with on a regular basis. Putting is always tough - no doubt about that - but the situation you described should not happen at every hole. Driving, like putting, is pretty much required at every single hole.
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