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When Bubba was complaining about the course design last week, it wasn't about the layout of the course but instead the layout of the stands surrounding the green.  It took the official approximately 10 minutes to try to find an area Bubba could drop so that he wasn't closer to the hole than his original lie.  Also, I wouldn't call a ball that lands on the green and bounces off an errant shot.  I assume you've never hit a flyer out of the rough?  I agree that Bubba does...
Here you go turtleneck.  Not once did I hear a commentator say a word about Tiger saying GD this and F this, etc.  All I hear them saying is "No more commentating needed" and "He is running hot after 5 holes".     Maybe you could post something to add some validity to your argument?
Would you recommend Grand Cypress New Course over Championsgate International?  I don't see any Waldorf times that will work for my schedule.
I just noticed that Magnolia is for Greater Orlando residents.  Scratch that course.
I have one day to play while here on business.  Out of the 3 courses (all on Golfnow for great deals), would you recommend Magnolia, Championsgate, or Grande Cypress New Course?
 Wow, didn't mean to strike a nerve.  It is "Man Crush Monday" though, isn't it?
Shot an 82 today, with 2 double bogeys on the last 2 holes.  2 birdies, 6 pars, 7 bogeys, and 3 double bogeys.    I hit 12 of 13 fairways but only 12 of 18 GIR.  I need to work on my game from inside 100 and my putting.  I had 37 total putts, with 4 - 3 putts.
 What biases would those be? I was probably out on the golf course, in the woods, or on the water.  I don't prefer to sit around watching tv all weekend, like some.  
 I did. 
I think it would help if you explain what you mean by "around the green". Are you talking about chipping on the green or pitching from 30 yards and out. On your chips, are you hitting them fat, skulking them over the green, etc? There's a lot of unknown variables in your post above.
New Posts  All Forums: