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 This made my morning btw!    
Forgot to embed the video.....      
Two things against me:   1).  I'm a sucker for gadgets.   2).  My head moves a lot on my swing.                 eyeLoc   I'm probably going to bite with the coupon.   Just wanted everyone's take on this one.
I'm in this bucket. The glove is burned into my golf psyche.
This has been my problem lately.  Been playing in an early Saturday morning group and after my usual rounds of coffee I get really dehydrated.   Got in the habit of drinking a lot of water before I get out there.  Good thing there a lot of wooded areas.
Awesome idea!   I do have an R1 and it's basically been stuck at 10.5 with everything else at neutral.
 This is what I'm most excited about.  Looking forward to it.
Mom is going out of town this weekend so I'm taking the kiddo to the Houston Museum of Natural Science (about 2.5 hours away).   After that, I'm going to try to swing over to Swanson Golf Center and try out the Trackman Range thingy they have there.   Any suggestions on what to focus on for a first (probably only) time?  
As it's been brought up, depends on your environment.   There are finally people who "golf" where I work and when I tell them I shoot in the high 80's....all of a sudden I'm the "good" one.   I hate my current swing (head moves all over the place, can't keep my left elbow straight, etc....) and they all tell me that they love it.   I'm in the cool camp....I still get the "oh, you play golf?" remarks in a good way.
I'm totally stealing this idea.....let me work on it a bit.
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