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Mainly PW (47 Degrees) but also 52 and 58
I imagine David Duval did. It is very frustrating to see Scott like this, he is an amazingly talented player but seem to have a lot of issues up top at the moment.
He a fantastic ball striker (As good as the best pros already) but I think his putting is a bit suspect. Hopefully he can improve this and he doesn't waste his talents like Adam Scott.
They are certainly in financial trouble. But why not make the most of the discounts as they make great clubs and particularly irons. I just picked up a great deal on a set of MT Pro-C Irons on a 3balls golf auction and they are brand spanking new with the heads still in shrink wrap. Greg Norman has also now signed an equipment deal with Taylor-Made which doesn't say much for the future of MacGregor when he is apparently still a major shareholder.
I think they have changed the course to its detriment. It is not really the length as all of the players hit the ball further now, but with changes to driving lines and added trees etc on so many holes the players can't afford to take the risk of going for eagles on the back nine par 5's as they no they can't make up a blowup as there are not obvious birdie holes anymore.
Always repair any obvious plug marks that I see, I don't search the green for them
The "Tour Burner" does not have an extra long shaft however the "Burner" driver (both old and new models) does. Also the stock tour burner (not the TP model) has a slight draw configuration so may help with your slice. I have played both the FT-5 and Tour Burner and would recommend either. I mainly got rid of my FT-5 because I didn't like the shaft and got a good trade deal. Good luck with the purchase
1. Get handicap down to 12.0 (Ideally in 6 months time and them under 10 by the end of the year). I am currently 15.4 and started last year on 21. 2. Practice. I did very little this year and when I did I generally practiced the things I could already do well. My goal is to practice my shortgame and putting at least once a week. 3. Get my putts to under 30 per round. I averaged around 34 this year which is disgraceful for someone that misses so many greens in...
My home course is around 6500 yards and I consider anything over 6600 to be fairly long. Obviously a lot of new courses are extremely long but it is only on the rare occasion that the plates are all the way back
Stacey_E has already answered that Titelist ProV1 249.0 / 11,914 / 57.2 Titelist ProV1x 250.4 / 12,299 / 55.8 Callaway Tour i 253.7 / 10,473 / NA Callaway Tour ix 253.4 / 9,990 / NA B330 253.9 / 12,137 / NA B330s 255.2 / 11,866 / 57.2 TP Black 259.1 / 12,062 / 56.6 TP Red 258.6 / 11,872 / NA
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