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 Thanks, I just downloaded his book yesterday.  Glad to know you give it a good review.
I'm fatter, weaker, and tighter than I've ever been, and have decided it is stupid to try to make major changes in my golf swing until I make major changes in my body.  I'm a data nerd and like to quantify/measure everything I can, and I'd like to be able to chart my progress in this endeavor.  Weight is obviously easily tracked (and body fat%), and strength lends itself to measurement, but what's the best way to measure my flexibility and mobility, particularly golf...
When I was about a 5 handicap, I had 5 birdies and an eagle in a row (with a triple before....), which is also the most holes I've played under par in one round.  These days, one a round is about the norm for me.
I like the idea of a rules & etiquette test.  The play test should be for time, not for score.  I have played with people who shot 120 but kept up (or picked up when necessary) and had great etiquette, but I've also played with some scratch players who took forever on every shot.  
Saw that.  The 59s came out right after I bought my 53/63 combo set.  I might have to look at the 15s, and I probably should swallow my ego and take a look at the JPX 850 Forged (I know they are a a couple degrees stronger in loft).  The way I'm swinging these days, the more forgiveness, the better, lol!
Anyone have the specs on the Mp-15s?  Just wondering if the lofts are the same or stronger than the 59s, and how the offset compares?
I've never been more like my dog than today....  USPS tracking says it's at the local post office and will likely be delivered today.  My dog and I are jockeying for position in the window waiting for the postman to enter the yard, LOL.
Insitutional Sales at a Brokerage Firm.  In the past, I've been a research analyst and portfolio manager for mutual funds and hedge funds.  I also do some web application programming in my free time.
At times it's cool, and under certain circumstances it's not.  All depends on the situation and the perspective.  Beers and fun with friends--cool.  Playing with old men in golf carts and plaid polyester pants to get away from a significant other for a few hours--not...wait, that's still cool! ;)
Thanks.  I learn something new every day!  I'd probably be embarrassed about how many rules I don't know.  You'd think after all these years, I'd have come across all of them by now, lol.
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