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 I'll try this weekend.  There is a previous video I posted there already, but that was a couple weeks ago.
Went to the range yesterday to basically continue to work on everything.  Biggest problem yesterday was hitting behind the ball (anywhere from 2-5 inches) and topping the ball.  The 5i really gave me problems as well with slicing.   What needs to be my next focus point to correct these problems?
Hey all   I still am struggling with a chicken wing, which from my understanding hurts your consistency right?  Anyone have any suggestions, drills, tips to correct this?  It has gotten less than where I began, but still lingers.  Just can't figure out what's the problem.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.  
First off, figure this question fits here, unless I missed another sub category.   Question, if I were to buy the "student" version of this app for $60.00, will I be able to record within the app or do I still have to export from another app over to Analyzr?       Has anyone used the student version and is it worth it?  Saw improvements and were able to fix their problems?
Hey all, new, joined last week.  Figured I'd introdue myself.  Currently in the Army as an 11B.  My ETS is within a year so I'll be heading back home to MD within the year.  Been golfing since 15, but finally dedicating to the game.   Look forward to talking golf here.
Awesome! Great video.  I'm certainly a more visual learner.  Seeing it I can actually envision it now.  Thank you for the video!
GolfLug,   Thanks for the welcome.  I plan on recording my latest swing and uploading to GolfFix to a pro named Monty.  I heard good reviews from him.  I just like getting several different points of views, cause it's too easy to miss something especially when it comes a golf swing.  I started playing when I was around 15 (now 28), but just this year really put full interest and dedication into it.  Didn't know how much I was doing wrong.  Crazy.
Thank for the welcome and tips about future posts.  Will remember that for next time!     I agree with everything you said.  I've since switched to an interlocking grip.  The hips though, feel so limited and stiff.  I'll try the feet tip you gave.  Hopefully will help with the rotation.
  I've been Playing Golf for:​ 4 months My current handicap index or average score is: 20 My typical ball flight is: ?? The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is:  Push and slice to the left     Videos:   https://www.youtube....ukiZJjbdzvr1YFQ     https://www.youtube....zvr1YFQ&index=3         Don't be gentle guys, please.
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