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I didn't try out those irons that was just a picture I picked. I hit the mizuno 825s and the mizuno jpx ez and they were the ones I liked best. He told me he could put me in a set of the jpx ez's for around 750 with the shafts he recommended for me and the bend.
 So I went and got fitted for some irons yesterday and had a question. My average clubhead speed with a 6 iron was 92 mph and the fitter did a strike test where he puts the ball on a plastic thing and had me strike it to where it scuffs the iron to show contact.  The red area is the area of the club that I was consistently hitting. The only recommendation he made is adjusting the lie 3 degrees. My question is is that something I can grow out of and learn to hit more in...
How do I figure out my handicap. I finally broke a 100 and shot a 99 today. Normally I shoot around 105. I have no idea to handicaps and have only been playing golf for about 4 months
So its all in my head thanks article was very helpful.
What exactly do offset irons do to your shot? My slingshots are drastically offset and it makes me wonder. My buddy has some mizunos that are cavity back blades and the other day at the range I was hitting them and they felt great and all my shots were going straight. 80 percent of the time with my slingshots I hook the ball or just hit it left as if I am aiming far left of where im intending to shoot. Have I just outgrew my super game improvement clubs or is it just that...
I'll try to record a swing sometime. But say im hitting a 150 yard shot it will either go straight and hook after about 75-100 yards and hook badly or it hooks less sharp but after about 25 yards you can tell its going left.
I hit my driver pretty straight 80 percent of the time and wedges are usually pretty decent for my skill level. But lately I've been really pulling my iron shots bad. I get good distance and get under the ball it just seems that I aim towards the flag but hook the ball left and getting tired of losing balls and killing my score after having a nice 280-300 yard drive. Am I just not lining my body up right or am I messing up with my follow through? Any suggestions would be...
Using a Nike Method Drone I bought 2 weeks ago. First day playing with it sank a 25 footer for par so it's worked out well so far. Better than my old thrift store putter I had.
Creek Course- Par 5 640 yards, longest hole in Alaska
Yea the only preference I have for shafts is stiff. The nikes i bought the 4-6 are stiff and 7-pw are regular flex and I hit the low irons better than the highs. Always hook it with the 7-9. 
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