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I just play on a military course. And yea 90 percent of the balls I find are proV1s. Seeing as how all my coworkers and friends all play proV1s and all the random people I have played with use them to it's not exactly odd that pretty much every ball I find are those. And the other balls I find are still nice balls like callaways and srixons.
I just started playing golf this past spring and I started of with some nike slingshot oss which are SGI and now I recently purchased some Mizuno JPX 825s and they are amazing. They are very forgiving and have great distance and some decent feel for a GI club. $499 from golfsmith and went from shooting 115-120s now around 100 consistently. 
Not really permafrost. The ground only starts to get hard around end of september-october and by now the golf courses are closing till May. So I dont know if permafrost would damage a club.
Yea I don't care about damage to balls I play cheap tommy armours and whatever I find in the woods. And my sand wedge has enough rust on it it gives the ball lock jaw.
Ok cool, i'll just take a file to it. I didn't figure it would affect it to much. Not to mention its not like I am a sniper with it to begin with.
Yea its my most used club besides the putter. I was excluding that bad boy. I just have the fortunate ability of being able to smash the golf ball so since alot of my second shots on par 4s are 100-75 yardish I use my 52 a lot. And my local course's hole that is a 50 yard par 3 that one day I will hopefully figure out.
Ok thanks for the help. When I hit them during my fitting the guy told me I needed a shaft that was stiff and not to light but not to heavy. My swing speed with my irons is around 90-93 so hopefully this shaft will work for me. 
Mine is on the sole right in the middle. Really ticked me off because I love my 52 it is the most used club in my bag.
So the other day I hit a shot off into the good old wooded area and played my ball. Well I hit my 52 degree wedge and after hitting my shot I looked at my club and apparently I hit a rock that was under the dirt. Can I just beat the dent back in or is it best just to get another wedge and keep this one in my bag as my bad area beater?
Man that coach who tackled the guy is jacked.
New Posts  All Forums: