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The Tommy Armour 845 SilverScot Patented I am looking into. Are these good clubs for Beginners? I don't know much about them. I found a good looking set of these Tommy Armour Irons.   Thanks!
Were these your first clubs? I obviously need some forgiving Irons as I am a High Handicap.
Are the Ping i3 Blade Irons good?
I know you guys probably see these post everyday and I'm sorry but.....   I have played Golf before and enjoyed it for a while until I got big into baseball and didn't want to have my two swings co-exist. I shot High 40s usually on 9 holes and would like to get back into the game with some decent clubs but I have no clue what to get!   Looking to spend about 200-300$ and just looking for opinions on what y'all think would suit me or y'all have experience with.   Ive...
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