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I keep the ball in the centre of my stance when hitting wedge shots and just put more weight on my front foot. If I had the same setup with the ball back in my stance I could see myself topping or hitting fat shots.
I understand that 'better players' and tour players tend to opt for bladed irons over cavity back equivalents. I just wondered what is the distinct advantage of bladed irons? Most people say how theta heads are smaller, have a smaller sweet spot and are harder to hit/less forgiving.
Take a lesson mate, at 15 and hitting 85-90 it shows you have talent. One lesson with a pro can cure you're slice, it's most likely grip issues or basic setup problems. A pro will identify this in a second.
I am 17 years of age and have been playing golf regularly (once a week and range 3-4 times a month) since last august. I was currently in the process of getting my handicap and regularly hit low- mid 80's. I predict my handicap will be around 15 so I'm quite pleased with that. My question is, how much improvement will I see if I play regularly for the next year before I go off to uni in September of 2015. I know rates of improvement slow down as you get better but I just...
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