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Is it just me or you are straightening your back leg too much? What I did was I maintain some flexibility on my right leg (albeit lots less than left leg) and that "restricts" (just a feeling) my upper body so that I could not overswing. 
During your backswing, do you "load" your right hip and feel some kind of restrictive "strain"? Recently my swing has been a mess, and I realized that I have focused too much on hip rotation without loading up, and that messes up my swing plane. Once I got to a mirror, I realize that my backswing looks nicer when I load my right hip while taking care not to slide back during the backswing.   Is this the correct feel?
I wouldnt feel for the weight to shift back during backswing. Amateurs like us tend to exaggerate this and instead of rotating, our hips would sway to the right. The correct movement would be for your hip to rotate (staying centered) while keeping the weight inside the left part of your right foot. Flaring your right foot slightly will help a lot to stay centered.
How is your setup? Do you have enough spine tilt? Hips more forward during setup? If not, it might contribute to "stacking" up on the left when you turn. 
Wow this thread is awesome! Now im hitting flush drivers and straight as an arrow! One thing that I might add is that to make sure the left arm is connected to the body (some pressure beneath left arm pit). For me, disconnected arm made my backswing way outside plane, thus resulting in slices.
It seemed that lack rest the night before made my body really stiff, and without any warm ups and stretching, it ruined my swing.
I was at the range yesterday hitting a bucket. However after around half bucket, my lower back seems to feel tired and fatigued. The only way I could swing was to set up with a more hunched lower back. Is this a problem with the set up or is this normal occurance?
Got it. So two things I will work on is getting my arms down faster, and out to in feeling (to get shoulders parallel). Regarding getting my arms down faster, I think instead I would try to slow down and restrict my hip slide so my arms could catch up. Right now the feeling that I have during my downswing is passive arms that follows the hip slide. (I've read in a few places to let gravity take over in the downswing) Would the arms need to be more active in the role?...
I've been working on keeping my head down through out my down swing.  One thing that I tried to do was to rotate my head to the right. In keeping it, I was able to prevent my head from following the shoulder turn on the downswing (resulting in moving head). Please let me know any comments? Appreciate it!   5i - Face on     Note I just realized that the ball seems to be at my back foot. However this is only a camera angle as I've made sure to position my ball in...
Correct me if im wrong, but it seems to me that your chin is too upright in you setup. Try to look down (chin down) on the ball a little bit more, so the head is more in line with your spine angle. Also allow your head to rotate a little during backswing (take care not to sway) and not be too stiff.
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