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Got it. So two things I will work on is getting my arms down faster, and out to in feeling (to get shoulders parallel). Regarding getting my arms down faster, I think instead I would try to slow down and restrict my hip slide so my arms could catch up. Right now the feeling that I have during my downswing is passive arms that follows the hip slide. (I've read in a few places to let gravity take over in the downswing) Would the arms need to be more active in the role?...
I've been working on keeping my head down through out my down swing.  One thing that I tried to do was to rotate my head to the right. In keeping it, I was able to prevent my head from following the shoulder turn on the downswing (resulting in moving head). Please let me know any comments? Appreciate it!   5i - Face on     Note I just realized that the ball seems to be at my back foot. However this is only a camera angle as I've made sure to position my ball in...
Correct me if im wrong, but it seems to me that your chin is too upright in you setup. Try to look down (chin down) on the ball a little bit more, so the head is more in line with your spine angle. Also allow your head to rotate a little during backswing (take care not to sway) and not be too stiff.
 @boogielicious Thanks for the reply. The reason I exaggerated my weight shift is because I used to turn, not slide my hips and thus my right foot comes up too early too much in the swing before impact. In the A6 position, it seemed that my right armpit and elbow seems disconnected from my body. Should I be tucking it in my swing?    @iacas Any tips or drills to "get my arms down faster"?    Appreciate the help guys.
I've been Playing Golf for:​ 3 years My current handicap index or average score is: 101 My typical ball flight is: push and high The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: push and fat or low hook   Down the Line     Face on  
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