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My wife loved the hat and even watched a little golf because of it.
Anyone know whether this is going to be televised or of some way to track it on the internet?
Unfortunately your are probably right. But I believe education should be more focused on learning the world around you and getting you prepared to make a contribution to society. I am glad she is going to school purely to learn instead of a golf scholarship. I hope more athletes follow her lead in that aspect. It's not just about the money. Otherwise, lottery winners would be the happiest people on earth.
back left side (inside) of the ball on every shot except putting.
I would suggest practicing driver or 3W and a mid iron like a 7 or 6 and an approach iron like your pitching wedge. You may want to thow in a 5w or some type of hybrid. These or something similar should be your go to clubs. 1)Driver 2)5Wood 3)7 iron 4)PW Also when you are at the range aim for targets and if you can find a range that is narrow which will penalize you severly for slices and hooks. Remember hitting the ball straight is the key to getting lower...
I like watching the LPGA especially Lorena. I am amazed with how much power she can generate. Was never a big fan of Anika or Se Ri Park. I am a little tired of waiting for Paula or Natalie to do something significant. I like Morgan Pressel and am really waiting for someone exciting to come to the LPGA. I have followed some of the Korean players in the KLPGA and they have some players that are good and play with a lot of heart. I also watch a little of the European...
A lot of organizations are not happy: Among the latest in opposition is California´s conference of the nation´s largest and strongest civil rights organization, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). In addition, the following organizations also announced joining the coalition opposed to the LPGA´s policy: Anti-Defamation League (ADL), Californians for Disability Rights, Filipinos for Affirmative Action, California Immigrant Policy...
Looks like government officials are not too happy: A California state senator said Thursday that he's seeking a legal opinion to determine whether the LPGA Tour's language requirement for players violates state or federal law. Sen. Leland Yee is upset about a policy that requires players to speak effective English starting in 2009. The rule is effective immediately for new players, while veteran members will be suspended if they can't pass an oral English...
I would rather have a league with principles that is bankrupt and out the door. As you stated before it could be an uncomfortable slippery slope. If this is okay then maybe weight restrictions according to height and bodyfat percentage is next. We need goflers that are in shape and physically fit, it will improve their games and appeal to our sponsors. What is the difference?
Uh, Ronaldihno is from Brazil and plays for an Italian soccer team. Ronaldo is from Portugal and plays for Manchester United an English soccer club. I like football and I just wanted to get the facts straight. I have actually never heard either of these guys speak. It is just great to watch them play.
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