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I've tried browsing the web but it seems like I've been unable to find whether Odyssey's Oversize/Jumbo grip is more similar to SS's 2.0 or 3.0 or if they don't match at all.   This because I've been using an Odyssey's Model 7 White Hot XG 2.0 Putter 2013 and can't decide what's better (I can't try any of them right now, not locally at least).
Thanks all for the imputs, they really helped me figuring out which wedges to choose.   As I said earlier before, I cannot test any wedge so I'm about to place a "this is the best I could came up with" order.   I won't change my Cleveland 588 RTX CB gap wedge.   I will change the sand, that's for sure, and I'm thinking about chaning the lob as well.   Sand wedge will be 54°, I'm sure about this. I'm currently playing a high bounce sand (56.14) which causes me pain...
@boogielicious I tend to leave minimal to no divot at all, this is why I'm going for a lower bounce. Or, at least, this is what theory suggests.   You're all right: I'd try them out but, as said earlier, we don't even have a pro shop in our local golf club no more so I'm a bit wandering in the dark.   Anyone would vouce of S or M for some reason? I mean, other that the turf conditions...
 Of course that would be the ideal scenario but I don't have such possibility where I live (small town in the center of Italy) so I need to rely on other people's thoughts. It's not a big issue with the gap and lob wedges, as they only have one option, but the sand got two so...
 I actually didn't enjoy my wedges too much. It could be because of the wrong bounce I've chosen, but I really want a change. This is why I'm looking toward Titleist's Vokey wedges.
All three wedges are Cleveland 588 RTX with cavity back. As for the yardage I've never really measured it when applying such force. I should though but it's been quite some time since the last full round.
50.10, 56.14 and 60.12.
I currently have a 45° PW, 50° gap, 56° sand and 60° lob. Bounces are pretty much wrong for my play style so I wanna replace them all (I've prolly chosen the wrong lofts as well).   I'll get me Vokey wedges so, first question: knowing my PW is 45°, would you go for a 54° or 56°? If 54°, would you also swap the lob with a 58°?   Second, I cannot make my mind about sand's grind: S or M? I'm a slider and take minimal to no divot.   Last, the curses I usually play on got...
In the end I was able to sell my VR_S Coverts and buy Mizuno forged :)   I pretty much got a bargain from a legit UK website so I couldn't help but change ;D
Thanks all for your important imputs!   In the end I bought a 3H (Titleist's 913H). I'll prolly remove the 4i and 4w going for a more classic 3w-5w setup, but this will happen in the future as I don't have any haste to do that anytime soon.
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