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Thanks for the reply! They are the awt stiff shafts and my main issue with the diablos is the size and lack of true accuracy. One day ill my six 150yds the next 180 and it will feel almost the same. So I'm looking for something with now feedback to produce a better consistent swing. Also I figure I can develop as a player with the pings over the diablo.
I hit them for a half hourish and they felt find height wise and I was the hitting the 6i about 175-180 with a nice draw but I'm not sure how much the mat helped me. I really want an iron I can grow with and learn to work the ball and I feel like the diablo irons arent something I could do that with. I just don't want to screw myself trying to be overzealous.
Hey guys, just looking for a little advice here im about a 20 handicap(cant putt) but I hit my irons pretty well and Im currently playing Callaway diablo edge irons. I was at golfsmith the other day and hit a set of ping i10 purple dots(5"10) and I loved the feel and my results on the simulator, and to purchase them after trading my irons in they would be 30$. My question is with my handicap can I handle these irons or am I screwing myself here. Any input would be awesome!...
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