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91 not 92.
Something I've definitely taken from this forum. Where I'm at skill wise bogeys are not bad at all. Try to eliminate all doubles and higher. Doesn't mean to stop there though. I showed myself today I can definitely play par golf, have to focus and keep up the practice.
92 49-42 Best round of my short golf career. Strung together 3 pars, 1st ever Birdie, and then another par. Had two bad Triples. Felt great even with it being 99 out. Gotta get all the golf in before this drought kills all the local courses
Shot a 92 Buddy shot 84
Very short par 4. Bad shot off the tee, popped it up big time. Smoked my 6 iron to within 13 ft, buddy knocked in his par, lined my putt up, left to break, sunk it. Felt like I won the Masters lol. Best round of golf I have ever played. Sorry for the lack of boxes just had to make that 1st O On a side note, went to the range twice this week and really focused on Keys #1 and #2 from the 5SK thread. Really felt like I improved with just those two days of practice. Can't...
Long par 5 at a local course. Bad slice off the tee. 2nd shot, horrible swing and bad contact, went 50 yards but right. Had two massive trees blocking my view but a small opening to hit through. Thought I had no chance. Solid 5 iron right through and onto the back of the green. Left a long putt, but just to reach with narrow gap made my round
Have Hopkins on the bench as well, will say I didn't feel too bad because I started Tre Mason in the flex over him. Not a huge difference. I'll still win and clinch points champion
Glad to update that I've accepted a position as a grounds maitainence/ groundskeeper at another Highschool. Full time position with benefits. I was previously only working 27.5 hours a week now I'm a full 40, the best part is this Highschool is 2.5 miles away from a nice and inexpensive course.
Those 3 Tds felt great I bet. I'm playing against Lacy this week and was thankful the Pack believes in backups because that could have been real bad
That's a solid lineup for a 12 team league, where are you at in standings?
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