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We shall see. I sure hope so though cause I'm banking on him lol. My 12 team draft results1-L.Bell2-A. Jeffery3-L. Miller4-A. Ellington5-R. Tannehill6-A.Robinson7-K.Wright8-D.Freeman9-T. Eifert10- P. Garćon11- C. Shorts12-J. Hill13- D. Herron14- Pats D/ST15- P. DawsonDon't really like this team. 12 team makes a big difference. I have no clue how people play 14.Had the 4th pick. Plan to pick up Deangelo Williams when rosters open. All criticism accepted.
Meant drafting only after week 2 in preseason hahaAnd thanks. Ingram will get the carries and score their goal line rushes. And definitely the best WR group in my league. Can't wait for week 1!!!!
Tough drafting so early.
I think he has solid weapons with an improving Lamar Miller, plus his threat to run is nice as well. Bridgewater is FA at the moment and I'm gonna wait to see how Coleman is used these next two weeks.Not sure who to target as another RB but someone out there will want Watkins or Evans. Could even package them.
1-Antonio Brown 2- Julio Jones 3- Justin Forsett 4- Mike Evans 5- Mark Ingram 6- Ameer Abdullah 7- Sammy Watkins 8- Ryan Tannehill 9- Jarvis Landry 10- Rashad Jennings 11- Delanie Walker 12- Tevin Coleman 13- Joique Bell 14- Kevin White 15- Panthers D/St 16- Vernon Davis Absolutely stacked at WR. Plan to trade for a RB, seeing as that is my weak spot. Some ignorance among fellow draftees so I held off on some guys knowing they would be there later. Biggest reach is Kevin...
Only know one other individual in my 12 team so I'm a little nervous for that one. Never played with any of them.And I love FF as well but always am a Fan 1st. Will never intentionally root for an opposing player. Will start of course but scores are bitter sweet
Any 12 team? I'm in a 12 for the 1st time. That draft isn't until next weekend
It's a PPR so Brown is viewed as WR1. He's lead the league in Receptions for a couple years in a row and don't think he'll slow down at all. Almost guaranteed 10+ point per game
Draft 1/3 this Sunday. Way too early but commish himself is busy I guess. Have the 8th pick. Both Steeler fans are after me, and there's a couple Homers in front with bills eagles. Hoping for a miracle and get Antonio Brown. Highly doubt it though. Most likely Lynch here Hate myself for being in 3 leagues. Don't like the potential contradictions but it's such a fun thing to be a part of
As as steals or sleepers, I feel like Jarvis Landry of Miami is ready for a big at WR. Tannehill has improved each year and he is his favorite target so I feel it's going to be a big season for Landry.With AP coming back, I think Teddy will be a much more relaxed and better QB. No knock on McKinnon but he's not AP. And Teddy has shown out great so far in preseasonStrategy wise I agree on the QBs. Unless his name is Rodgers or Luck, no need to throw a pick on a QB early....
New Posts  All Forums: