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Charles Clay TE vs KC Or Larry Donnell TE vs HOU Clay hasn't had a great game but KCs D is pretty banged up, and Donell has proved to be Elis security blanket over these past 2 games
A place where you can ask for advice if you're in a pickle over who to start over who. Didn't find another thread like this, if so I'll delete this one.
It does sound like a very intriguing model. And it would definitely create jobs up and down the Central Valley all the way to the coast.
ThThere was a discussion about this same thing during lunch last Friday, it was amongst the teachers so I didn't chime in, but some would counter with it wouldn't be cost effective and the energy it would take to produce enough water would polite the air. I personally don't know the process but it seems like it could be a solution to this problem.Edit: just researched solar desalination I agree with you on that. The only byproduct from the process itself would be the salt...
Very Scary situation. All of the county courses in my area are dirt and yellow. Combo of high heat and no water is bad. Some communities have been forced to share a water reserve that is non drinkable. This situation definitely has opened my eyes to how bad things could get if we were to lose something that we absolutely need to survive
This is true, but I would not be in the right state of mind for anything for I don't know how long.This is just my opinion. To each their own, but if it's my child, I would want to be there for their 1st breath in this world.
You never want to think for the worst but if there were to be any complications with the birth, I would never forgive myself for letting her go through what would happen next alone.
Only cried one time since my mom passed and it was senior night, last night of basketball and I dedicated my entire speech to her.
He's definitely a guy I want behind center leading the team. Everyone has bad games. It's the 2nd game of the year, no need to panic. Just hate lose games like that.And speaking of tears, it hurt seeing Charles Tillman cry. I hate when people say theres no room for crying in sports. The man is dedicating everything he has to become a better player for his team, and to lose your season over an injury is devastating. He's one of the good guys of the league so it sucks to see...
Being a Niner fan, that game was depressing. To turn the ball over 4 times and still be in the game is tough. Definitely shot themselves in the foot. And worst game of Kaeps career so far. Forced throws and didn't look comfortable. Offense needs to get back to the smash mouth run it down their throat. Idc if they stack the box.
New Posts  All Forums: