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Thanks, newtogolf.  You're right, I did miss that.  That crosses a line.  Whatever side of this argument you fall, I'm learning more and more that people will believe what they want to believe no matter what is said, done or displayed.  I guess that's called conviction.  Funny, that word is also the same word used when someone is found guilty of something.
I'm sure you are a very fine and intelligent person, but you can't seem to grasp the difference between proof and suspicion.  I'm not going to re-list the items that are contained in this thread and have been published in medical documents that can lead one to be suspicious of PED use only to have you respond line-by-line with possible reasons why they might not apply to Tiger or anyone else for that matter.  I'm tired of that game.  And, I'm not going to ask you to prove...
Agreed.  There are plenty of other things listed in this thread that would lead one to be suspicious.  If there was hard proof that is public knowledge, then Tiger would already be banned.  So, it is just plain stupid to ask, "Where's your proof?"  OF COURSE, there is no proof that is available to the public.
LOL. What's idiotic is believing he absolutely did not take banned substances just because there is no "court-worthy" evidence.  By the way, there are many things listed in this thread that could make one suspect.  I'm not going to re-list them.
Slow-play Joke Teller Guy.    This guy has already caused you to fall 2 holes behind, but interrupts his pre-shot routine on the tee box for 5 minutes to tell his unfunny joke.  Meanwhile, you are uncomfortably watching the group finish up on the green behind you.
Haha.  Reminds of the guy I play with.  He doesn't have all those medical conditions during the same round, but he always shows up with a different medical condition every round.  Usually, it's some kind of muscle strain in a different part of his body he got lifting weights or working in the house/yard that week.  Last week, it was poison oak on his leg.  Other times, its some kind of digestive problem.  He's not that old, but he has to stretch before every shot because...
If divorce was inevitable, I'm just glad they did it before they had children.  Fortunately for the single men on this board, I'm married.  Oh, and I'm broke, too. 
It's uncomfortably awkward when the cart girl flirts with me.  I just take off my glove and show my wedding ring like a crucifix to a vampire.  I'm so incredibly good looking, though, I can't blame them.  Leave me alone, I'm trying to play some golf here.  I don't have time for these distractions.  Oh, and wake me up from my fantasy...
Tiger Woods just announced he is not playing next week's Arnold Palmer.  We all know what THAT means!  Wink, wink,  nudge, nudge.
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