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Holly was hot until she started having an affair with King Douchebag Erik Kuselias and ended up marrying him after his divorce.  Now, she's just damaged goods.
Which tees did Bruce Jenner play from?
I've only tried it at two places around here.  My daughter likes to take me to play golf on Father's day.  She just rides/drives and reads her book while I play.  One place charges (I don't go there anymore, at least with her) and the other place doesn't charge.
 Maybe I need to define what I mean by "immediately" and "bogey golfer."  I don't mean you should go out and consistently shoot 90 right away.  But, I believe you should be able to break 100 after a few months of (the right) lessons and consistent practice and play.  I've seen people do it all the time without any lessons at all.
Couple of thoughts.  1) If you are truly a 30 hcp, I think you should see almost immediate improvement with an instructor to get you to be a "bogey golfer," unless you are just absolutely and completely un-athletic, un-coordinated or un-trainable.  2) Whether you stay with this instructor or move to another one, you should spend the first part of your first/next lesson discussing where you are at with your game/swing and setting expectations and goals for what you want to...
From what I've heard and seen, it's debatable.  So, to me, that means it's not an absolute nor a fundamental.  However, some teachers advocate a flat wrist for an ideal A4 top of backswing position and a bowed or cupped wrist is just a compensation for another swing flaw.  I think the fundamental to worry about is a flat or slightly bowed left wrist at A7 impact.
Ever since Holly Sonders linked up and eventually married that douchebag Erik Kuselias, I lost all respect for her.  He's twice her age. OK, jealously might play a small part, but still...
None of these quotes changed how I look at golf
My course has a local rule that stones in bunkers are moveable obstructions.  I think this is for safety reasons.  The tuft of grass or leaves or sticks would not apply.
Just don't do what I did.  I played my first real tournament in a long time this year and was very nervous.  Surprisingly, I hit a great first drive.  However, twice during the tournament, I picked up my ball before putting out.  I had to call a penalty on myself both times, of course, but it was just more embarrassing than anything.   My advice is to make sure you practice your first tee shot the last thing during your warm-up.  Maybe hit a 3/4 swing driver or 3W off...
New Posts  All Forums: