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  LOLLLLOLOLOLLLLLLLLLLLL.  Not sure its worth the time of explaining or if that was a joke. 
   Glad to hear you're ok. 
The Seahawks shut Colin Kapernicks running/scrambling out and made him a quarterback, what did they do? Absolutely nothing (Think it was a regular season game, I have a bad memory lol). Once the defense stops just wanting to ram someone into the ground and actually play defense I doubt Johnny will do much of anything, him proving me wrong would be awesome. I love my team and certain players but I LOVE football. I just want to see good games and good plays. IMHO its better...
  Wow glad to hear your still able to golf. If I may ask how did that happen?
  Ive never been one for plastic parts (but to each their own) especially when they look as assembly lined as hers. Give Susan Boyle enough cosmetic surgery and she'd look equally as good. Actual knowledge of sports and good journalism >>>> looks and tight/skimpy clothing. I hated Erin Andrews when she first came to FOX Football but as time passed I began to realize (or maybe she put the work in) that she actually knew some football. 
 I forgot I have a box of basketball and baseball cards. Took a few to a shop and of course they want to give you pennies. Anyone interested?
I had a few signed pictures of athletes and actors when I was younger given to me by my dad and I used them as coasters. I regret it now that Ive gotten older more so because my dad has passed on then the value of said items. I stopped collecting Jordans and started collecting Lebrons (samples, f&f, PEs) although the last 2 models haven't been much to see Im hoping with the move back to Cleveland things back to "the good ol days". Then I started collecting jerseys and...
With their history its easy to see why people would think its intentional especially since he was the one who caused his spinout. I saw a raw video (only 2 or 3 times from a cell phone) and it looked to me like he swerved into him (probably more so to scare him than to actually run him over) and he hit him on accident it could also be him slamming on his brakes and the car moving to the right as a result but not being there in person or seeing a better video I definitely...
Giants fan here and I cant wait!! I enjoy all the games for the most part (maybe excluding Thursday Night Football) Im ready to see some good plays and Romo in December lol
  I personally like his RLX clothing.  Based on some of the other things said here just surprised his octopus or pink plaid pants and "army" belts didn't receive a little more hate
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