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It also appears David didn't sneak into the web.com tour finals by any outside factor as hes not in the field for the first event. Kinda disappointed but also didn't even know about the qualification until a few days ago.
 Id agree 15 might be the  number. Although I do wish 10 was the number for Duval's sake even I admit he was consistent long enough. Had he put in another 5 years before hitting the wall he might have gotten to that point.
I attended the first round Thursday and thought Lexi Thompsom would run away with this event.   Good for Inbee but Lincicome totally choked this away.   For those not really into the LPGA its personally one of my favorite things to attend. Good crowds. The golf is competitive still and the ladies are easy on the eyes. Even autographs and conversations are easy.
Annnd Doug Labelle makes two birdies late to finish #200   Foley will finish 201 and Duval 202   Take that Foley!    Joking of course. But how crazy for Foley to miss that putt at the end which right now looks like it cost him finishing 201.
Doug Labelle is currently 203. If he makes any birdies in the last 3 holes he might drop Duval to 202.    In fact he could drop Foley to 201 - cant say Id be upset then :)   I also kinda think Duval needs to finish 201. Gives the most leeway in case there are spillover conditions.
I just saw that. Incredible. But he made the bogey putt coming back.  Like we said, how fitting that on the last putt of the tournament Duval would get relegated to 201.  I guess one way to look at it is Foley had 2 doubles and 4 bogeys on his round on a super easy course. Probably shouldnt have even made it that close.
Somehow Foley and Labelle are having bad rounds today lol. Didnt see that coming. Labelle is 2 over and is now projected at 207 (was projected in the 190s yesterday) Foley was projected in the 180s but now is projected 197. He has a super weird scorecard going. Front nine included 2 double bogies and 4 birdies. Back 9 contains 3 bogies 2 birdies.  Need a bad 17 and 18 from him and this could happen. He actually birdied 15 and 16, i didnt see what he projected before...
I just found something very interesting.   Last year 5 players were added to the Web.com tour finals because of "Special Medical Exemptions"   Look how vague the reasons are listed next to each of their names, although Im not sure if these guys actually filed official injury exemptions...   Kris Blanks  Finished T-4 at 2012 q-school, but shoulder injury limited him to one start. Steve Marino  Four-time TOUR runner-up made 12 starts in...
Im rooting for one of the 2 guys (Foley / Labelle) to have a bad round tomorrow. I think if David finishes 201 he will be added. I cant seem to find the conditional rules for the Web.com series in my digging.
So close to that 58. Only puts him in the lead by 1 shot too. But what a front 9.
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