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Last night I declared I was playing a round for handicap purposes. I played holes 1 and 2 without issue. There was a backup on 3, so I bypassed the groups and skipped to 5 as I was a single and the course was clear from that point forward. Played 5 no problem. Then on 6 I hit my drive, couldn't find the ball, and on my way back to the tee to hit my 3rd shot the sirens went off for weather and my night was done. I am heading back out to the same course this evening with...
The more I think about it, I just can't buy into this story at all. Were there other groups who witnessed these aces on par-4s? Groups on the green or next tee to verify this? Wouldn't a crowd start to gather late in the round once word got out about these aces and his score? He doesn't enter 57s and 59s into GHIN? He is a +4 capper shooting 57s and 59s? None of it adds up to me. 
I agree. I bought these at Dick's last spring for about $.70 a ball. For the first two months of the season I thought I had developed a muscular condition during the off-season that was limiting my power and distance. My drives were landing 20-30 yards shorter than usual. Finally switched to some Titleist NXT Tours and got my distance back immediately. I won't even pick up a Slazenger when I find one. 
 Right, the only walking rate that shows up in my area is a 9 hole course.  I can't see how it can hurt courses to offer walking rates. With a walker they have almost zero incremental costs, no need to prep a cart, no wear and tear, no one needs to be there to clean and collect the cart, etc.   Up here in MI the golf course websites are spotty at best. A few can make reliable tee times, but you are paying the full price rate online instead of a discounted rate on GN or...
I didn't realize their prices fluctuated in a stubhub type manner as time passed. I'll have to be more mindful of the timing, maybe I can score a deal on one of the premiere courses in my area at the last minute. Most of my nearby "average" courses seem to be priced exactly the same all of the time, I stopped checking after a while. Even the "hot deal" price was above or equal to their walking rate. 
 Agreed, although it's a bit disappointing as I do enjoy the ease of making a tee time with a quick click on my phone instead of calling the course.
I walk nearly 90% of my rounds. I only ride when it is mandatory on the course or I am playing with some of my older buddies who need the cart.    I have tried to use Golfnow to book rounds, but I have only found a handful of them at a "walking rate". Anyone else have any luck using Golfnow for walking? I am finding it just about useless at this point unless I plan to use a cart. The walking rate available straight through the course is always cheaper than the "cart...
Did they suspend play before the hole was finished?
NBC dropped the coverage at 11 and I don't have cable! Two putts to finish out the hole, they can't hold the coverage for two putts!? Maybe I was the only one watching as I'm clearly too cheap to order the fight.
5x3   Squat 225 lbs Bench 135 lbs Power Clean 65 lbs (first try at this exercise, I have some work to do)
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