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 I think this is well said but is really just touching the surface of the larger dynamic. These are symptoms of a healthy relationship, but what makes the relationship healthy goes much deeper and is more complicated as @Duff McGee has pointed out. This is about making yourself as the main focus in your life. You do what you want and others follow your lead. You just get it, you use common sense like skipping golf to take your wife out on her birthday, watch your kids'...
 He and Rickie were busy playing Baltusrol today. 
I shot a 59 on the same nine I shot 40 on yesterday. It was frustrating and discouraging. I know it was the heat and fatigue, I was walking in 90 + degree heat for 6 miles with a bag on my back. I was shortening my swing and coming across. Set out thinking I was going to break 90. Shot a 45 on the difficult front nine (52 yesterday). The back nine lends itself to good scoring, so I thought I had sub-90 locked up, it was just a matter of how low in the 80s I could...
 I hear ya. I am in the same boat trying to eliminate the blow up holes. I shot a 52-40=92 yesterday with a blow-up 10 on the front nine. Number 7 on my home course has my number, now it's in my head. The back nine was 5 pars and 4 bogeys and never once was I in trouble. I was an incredibly relaxed and enjoyable back nine. 
I have experimented with having only one thought on swings and it has worked. Just shot a 40, my best nine of the year.   Here are my swing thoughts:   1) Driver - Swing out to right field 2) Irons - Weight forward 3) Putting - Eye on ball through impact
 Take this man's advice and read that book, it is a life (marriage) saver. You'll understand my comments earlier once you read it.  I told my gf about this thread last night, funny thing is she thought once a weekend for golf was reasonable yet I am playing 2-3 times this weekend and she didn't say a word. What a woman says she wants and what a woman actually wants are two different things. 
Ha, true. During my marriage I probably played 10 times in 8 years. Now, after my divorce, I play at least 10 times a month in season.That being said I will share a serious note now. I truly believe one of the main reasons my marriage failed was because I gave up much of my own identity to my marriage. I gave up hobbies and friends trying to focus on family.This focus on my wife and trying to make / keep her happy had the opposite effect. No one wants to be put on a...
 Yeah, I'll share a room. 
Anybody else in the great lakes area want to get in on this? Looking forward to it. 
 I can play alone on an empty, familiar course in 2:15 - 2:30 without feeling like I am rushing or impacting my game. When I am in a foursome on a busy course and it takes 4-4.5 hrs I really don't seem to notice or feel agitated, I just enjoy the day on the course with friends, like you said. I do get anxious when it pushes 5 hours though.  Sometimes my brother and I will find ourselves on an empty course early in the morning and we'll just take our time, look longer for...
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