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Did they suspend play before the hole was finished?
NBC dropped the coverage at 11 and I don't have cable! Two putts to finish out the hole, they can't hold the coverage for two putts!? Maybe I was the only one watching as I'm clearly too cheap to order the fight.
5x3   Squat 225 lbs Bench 135 lbs Power Clean 65 lbs (first try at this exercise, I have some work to do)
Opened the season with a 90 at Carrington Golf Club in Monroe, MI. Zero penalties. 16 nGIR, so my greenside shots and 3-6ft putts could use some work. Paired up with a couple of fellow walkers and had the most fun in years, great start to the season. 
Squat 220 lbs 5x5 Bench 140 lbs 5x5 Barbell Row 100 lbs 5x5
Squat 215 lbs 5x5 OH Press 70 lbs 5x5 Deadlift 260 lbs 1x5
With the new SlingTV carrying ESPN, the only thing stopping most guys I know from cutting the cord is the regional sports networks like FSN (Detroit, Chicago, etc.). Mostly for MLB games. If MLB.tv allows streaming of local games that changes the picture for many people. 
Great decision. Can't go wrong with barbell training.  My workout this morning: Squat 210 lbs 5x5Bench 135 lbs 5x5Barbell Row 95 lbs 5x5
 Sad to see the 845s fall to just $40.  Good luck with the new Pings. 
Squat 230x5, 205x6 Bench 150x5, 135x6 Dumbell Row 40x5, 35x6
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