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Yesterday - Squat 205 lbs - 2x5 then I bonked. Not eating enough food is hurting my progress. The holiday should help me get on track with that. OH Press 70lbs - 5x5 Deadlift 255lbs - 1x5
Unadvertised perk at the local muni - free golf on Thanksgiving. The course is closed but they open the gates and walkers can help themselves to unlimited golf. Played a quick nine in just over an hour. Didn't keep score, just thankful to get a round in this late in Michigan.
Congrats! I'm hoping to be there next Spring. How much rest did you take between each set on bench?
I think I will try modifying like this.  Thanks.  I do feel the 5x5 is a little restrictive, but I am new to lifting so I have been sticking to it, mostly just out of ignorance of not knowing what to do next.  I don't know enough about lifting yet to make up my own program, and the net is filled with conflicting info about what works and what doesn't.  Any pointers are appreciated.
I've been following the Stronglifts program which adds 5lbs each time to each exercise. Each exercise starts with the empty bar, but BR starts with plates so it's not a pull from the floor. So the progression is always 20 lbs ahead of bench. I *can* bench more but I'm following the 5 lb progression. I am starting to plateau on the row.
5x5 tonight   Squat 210 lbs Bench 120 lbs Barbell Row 140 lbs
 Nice! Hope Santa brings you that rack for Christmas.Thanks for posting this video, it's great learning to watch somone else's form.  Form looks good. I second what was said about breathing in at the top. Deep breath and hold until at least halfway back up (I try to hold for the whole rep based on some advice I got from an olympic lifting coach). I still battle leaning forward, especially on the last few reps of the last set. Today's workout: Squat 200 lbs 5x5OH Press 65...
Congrats! Agreed!   
Agreed.  I use paleo as the base of my diet and build out from there.  Pretty clean paleo during the week with some IF and then a more standard diet on the weekends. Back on the workout topic, my squat workout yesterday felt great.  Two days of rest instead of one made a huge difference.  I have been doing Stronglifts 5x5, which has me squatting heavy 3 days per week, adding 5 pounds per workout.  I am starting to feel like that is too much strain on my body, I am...
I cut the cord and went with an antenna and Roku about 18 months ago.  I do occasionally miss watching live sports, but much less than I thought I would.  Honestly, I realized how much time I was wasting watching sporting events that I had no control over.  I have spent the time saved reading, golfing, exercising, and sleeping more.  My quality of life has improved greatly since I dropped cable.  I still watch NFL games via antenna, and I'll go to my parents' house or a...
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