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Thanks. You were absolutely correct. Amazing how I couldn't break the plateau for weeks, then one day I just shattered it.
Went heavy today after a week off for vacation, new PR for all three lifts: Squat 255 lbs Bench 165 lbs Deadlift 320 lbs Did some higher rep lower weight stuff afterward to get reps. Gonna be sore tomorrow. I went golfing for the first time since really starting to strength train, there is a noticeable increase in my distance.
Nice bench. I've had similar anomalies where I can Deadlift 315 but barely bench 150. Like @sliceoflife said, I think it's nutrition, but also form. Feel free to post a video of your form here, there's some experienced guys to give good feedback.As for my workout, thankfully I'm strong in the Deadlift, as I had to lift a golf cart off of a curb that I thought I could clear for a shortcut. On vacation in AZ. No gym for the next few date.
No, you don't.  You'd be surprised how much your brain can rewire itself over time with some discipline.  Your brain is taking a trigger (i.e. lunch, dinner) and aligning it with a reward (flavored soda) which in fact is just a combination of the caffeine and *fake* sugar.  There is a reason soda contains caffeine - it makes it addictive.   A few weeks of discipline, of really wanting to change your health for the better, and those cravings for something other than water...
Ha, I know, for some reason it comes easy to me, and I only do it about every 10 days or so.  I could probably do a 1RM around 330 lbs or so.  Strange. I can't seem to make any progress on bench.  In fact I seem to regress.  I can't figure it out.
Little late seeing this, but congrats!! 300 lb squat at 157 lbs is impressive.  I am 157 lbs myself and sitting right about a 1.5x bodyweight squat for 1RM. Yesterday I had my kids running around as I tried to get a workout in, so I was a little off focus, didn't push it.  Also fighting a sinus infection.  Trying not to get frustrated when life slows my progress. Squat 5x5x185lb Bench 5x5x135lb Deadlift 1x5x300lb
Yeah, GR is a good location for me, about a 2.5 hour drive, not bad.
That is a game changer right there.  Massive cord cutting ... but still left with the cable companies controlling the internet connections.  This will be interesting.  Also, death of hundreds of useless cable channels as people move to this a la carte style of TV.
I started doing this a few weeks ago following this recipe.  I do like the texture and the good source of carbs.  I throw in some peanut butter sometimes to up the calories.  Good stuff. I am sore today after doing 5x5 squats, bench, and deadlift on Saturday.
Congrats and enjoy! 
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