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Stonglifts 5x5   Squat 135lbs Bench 90lbs Barbell Row 110lbs
This is likely the popular opinion.  Unfortunately, this isn't a very convincing business case for someone looking to invest up to $15million in a course.  Not likely to happen anytime soon. Perhaps, in a densely populated urban area this would have a chance as a touristy type attraction, similar to the indoor ski dome in Japan.
Good thoughts, thanks.  Thinking I will stick with it until I am no longer able to add weight, then I will start to mix things up.
About 7 weeks in and I am really starting to see gains now.  Started from never having lifted. Curious, why did you stop the program?  Are you finding more success with something else?  I am gathering info so I can plan what I'll do after I finish 5x5, they have some add-on programs called 3x5, etc.
Just finished Stonglifts 5x5:   Squat - 130lbs Overhead Press - 75lbs Deadlift - 175lbs
Exactly! I use coconut oil.
Stronglifts 5x5   Squat 120lbs Overhead Press 75lb Deadlift 165lb   Followed by sprints on the bike.
Played 24 holes at Eagle Crest at Eastern Michigan University.  They had holes 10, 11, and 12 closed for construction, so they offered an all-you-can-play promotion for $25.  Not bad.  Recorded the front 9 in 47.  Played the "back six" and the front 9 again as practice.  
Love that french press setup!
 So clearly I am training myself for Major Championship contention by chugging coffee during my round
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