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Amazing.  I spent my honeymoon on an Alaskan cruise that left from Vancouver.  I remember that view vividly.  Of course the memory of that trip outlasted my marriage ...
Riverview Highlands - Gold Nine   48   Great start, two blow up holes in the middle and finished strong.  My blow ups are all mental.  I was playing alone.  My mind starts to wander to the worries of the week ahead and my game goes south.  Regrouped and hit some great shots down the stretch.  Amazing how my golf game closely resembles my mental state at any given time. 
Carrington Golf Club   49-42=91  One of the best rounds of the year for me.  The conditions were immaculate and the weather was perfect.  Couldn't ask for a better day on the course.
Stronglifts 5x5   Squat 85lbs   Bench 65lbs   Barbell Row 85lbs   Getting stronger every day.
+1 to this.  Last Thursday I was finishing 18 just as the sun set on a beautiful Michigan evening, perfect.  Right now, the weather is cool, but the leaves haven't fallen yet, perfect.
 The reason I chose 5x5 is because I was starting with almost zero weightlifting experience.  I had lost 30 lbs over 2 years and found myself fit, yet skinny and weak.  I wanted to quickly get stronger, relatively speaking, and the 5x5 program is fantastic for quick gains in strength when starting from a low level.  It is also very simple, and the workouts are quick, around 30 mins each. ---------------------------- Today's workout -  Stronglifts 5x5Squat - 80 lbs...
I've been reading (and following the Twitter feed) ever since you posted this.  Fascinating.  What a beautiful venue!
Like the op, I typically play alone as I live somewhat in the country.  Most of my buddies are too "busy" (i.e. whipped) to hit the course often.  My brother and I play every other weekend, but the rest of the time I am alone.  I don't mind it really, it is zen like.  I typically play empty, rural courses where I have the place to myself.  That being said, after 3 or 4 rounds alone I am ready to share the experience with someone.
Stronglifts 5x5 -   Squat 75 lbs - 5x5 Bench 60 lbs - 5x5 Barbell Row - 80 lbs - 5x5
@Gunther - are you going to start a push for TX independence?
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