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Good form.  Bar travelling in a straight path up and down. Today's workout: Squat115x10x4 with 30 second rest btwn sets Chin-Ups13,4,3 with 30 second rest btwn sets OH Press95x595x495x3 Stationary bike sprints30 sec x 5 with 30 sec rest btwn It was intense and efficient, felt great.
Squat 210x5x3 Bench 145x5x3 Deadlift 295x5 All 5 rep PRs for me. Took a week off to shake some lingering soreness and came back stronger than ever.
Congrats on the DL PR.
Yesterday:   Squat 205x5x3 (new 5RM - broke the plateau, yay protein)   Bench 140x5x3 (new 5RM)   Chin-ups BW 3 sets to failure - 14, 4, 3
I came to this exact same conclusion.  I find that I don't miss seeing most of those games anyway.  The best college games are on ABC, etc.  Althought the College Football Playoff is on ESPN, clearly their last play to keep cable relevant.  If not for ESPN I imagine most would cut the cord.
Yeah, at 142.5 I was starting very lean.  Good luck. It was tough give up the six pack as I started to gain again (vanity, I know). I feel my best on paleo/IF, but after about 6 weeks I start to drag and have to cycle off for a while.  Moderation is key. I have never attempted a 1RM, might have to give it a try.  The above goals I am shooting for 5RM.  Hoping for mid-January, then cut to look good when I go to Punta Cana with the girlfriend in mid-Feb.
I'm going the other direction, up to 158 today from my lowest point of 142.5 earlier this year (I'm 5'9").  Decided to focus on strength right now as my solitary goal over the next several weeks.  Figure Winter is the perfect time to add a few lbs of fat.  Shooting for a 1.5x bodyweight squat (roughly 240 lbs.), a 2x bodyweight deadlift (320), and 1.25x bodyweight bench (200).  Eating at a surplus has broken my plateaus, so I'll gain some fat as I do this, but should be...
 What is your goal weight before you clean bulk? Quick lunch workout today: Squat 190x5x3OH Press 75x5x3Dips 5x2
Bumped the bench up to 135 today and felt good, thanks for the recommendation.I bought and read Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe over the weekend. So much detail on form and mechanics. Fantastic read. As a result I am adjusting my squat form. My knees were tracking way too far inward forcing a forward lean, back soreness, and loss of strength. I dialed back the weight/reps and focused on form. Back felt great.Today:Squat - 185 x 5 x 3Bench - 135 x 5 x 3Pull-ups - BW x...
Yesterday - Squat 205 lbs - 2x5 then I bonked. Not eating enough food is hurting my progress. The holiday should help me get on track with that. OH Press 70lbs - 5x5 Deadlift 255lbs - 1x5
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