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Thanks for sharing this! It is great to see that a 68 doesn't meant it was a "perfect" round, but rather a navigation of 18 holes, making the best of each situation, hitting your best shot each time.  Also, gives a new perspective on what a tour pro like Phil is going through on the 18th tee with a one shot lead in a major championship. Great mental game to recover from bad shots.
Stronglifts 5x5 - today is Squat, Bench, and Barbell Row
Nice recovery from the bogey on 13.  Bounce back with the birdie on 15.  I'd love to hear a narration of your thoughts on the 18th hole and how you played it knowing how close you were to a great round.  The mental side of things is very fascinating to me, and it would seem you were in the "zone" playing one shot at time.  Well done.
What is that, a hotel putting green?
Just downloaded it, I'll give it a try and leave a review.
Same here.  I decided to just pay the minimum since my interest rates are under 3% on the loans.  I can do better by paying down other debt first.
I have had student loans for 12 years, only 8 years to go
Be a real friend and find out his reason.  I bet if you dig enough you will find some sort of pain or issue he is having involving women, maybe a relationship issue, trouble talking to girls, etc.  He very well may be the guy who should be talking about this with his buddies, he's probably just a little ashamed or embarrassed and is trying to avoid the topic.  Help him out by talking to him about it privately, away from the other guys, and find out what's up.
Yes, I get that sometimes too.  Love the terminology, the grass was so nice, I am used to hitting off the hardpan stuff near the cart path.  In this instance I had a perfect storm of unlikely events:I had parred the first two holes (rare) I was in the fairway (rare) I was within reach of a Par 5 (even more rare)Needless to say I was a little jacked for the shot and tensed up and pulled it dead left into a mansion, thankfully I didn't hear any glass shatter...
Most of my problems are of this sort, indeed. 
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