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Ignites would probably work, they are under 500 and quite a bit of forgiveness, but just a little workability. Enough for a 15 or higher.
It might be you pushing your hips out rather than turning them, or dropping you right shoulder, then it will make a very inside-out path, and if you aren't dead on with your hand flip over timing, you will spray it everywhere.
I got the clubs that I have at the beginning of the year, when I was about a 30 handicap. I have taken lessons, and worked very hard, so now I am significantly less. I don't need much forgiveness, as they usually go very straight, but I want some workability to escape any trouble I might find myself in. The main thing is my putting, but I have a belly putter coming, so that will help, and I might be able to get down to a ten or so by the end of the fall.
Puku belly putter! Adjustable and I love it! Also a Yes! Victoria putter. I like it, but not as much.
So, tomorrow I am going to get a new hybrid, 19-20 degrees of loft. I don't know whether I should get the Adams Idea Pro, or the Titleist 585.H. I want something with some workability, a little forgiveness, and no offset. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Aim left, and grip your left hand (for rights) harder, squeezing the handle, this will hold off the release.
Use you driver to chip . No, just try to hit the ball, imagine that it is slightly above you feet, and take a little more club, as it will go higher and land a little softer.
Think about it this way, if you absolutely knew that you were going to make every putt, then it would be easy on you. You could take a dozen lessons, get your swing down, so you hit every green in regulation, then join the tour. Every gir, one putt, and your shooting 18 under par!
At my home course there is a pro... He plays on the champions tour, and uses a hybrid out of the rough. He showed me how to do it too . He said to choke way up, and hold it at an upright angle, almost as if it were a sternum putter, and grip down on the shaft. The try to hit it off the toe of the club, as it would slice through the rough easier and dampen the roll a little bit. He only uses on the fringe or within a foot of the green in the rough. I have used it this...
Yes hit down on it, but not as much as a long iron, or even a hybrid, hitting down too much leads to inconsistent shots.
New Posts  All Forums: