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   All mind games. Sounds like there's going to be pranks galore.
  Great video. Thank you, again @mvmac
    I am getting better (if I keep telling myself that, I just might start to believe it). Keep changing out equipment, I wasn't fit for, looking for that something to click, no range time, play 9 holes once a week. So, with cooler weather coming, I'll get some time to practice, work on some things and maybe next year.
     I like playing alone, it's quiet, I'm more focused, if players are in front of me I'll pitch or putt on the green while waiting for them on the next tee. I also have a permanent playing partner (wife). My foursome for sunday mornings seems to get a little aggravating, too slow, then again it's two older men, both in their 70's and walking, so I'm being a d**k, but its still nice to get out and play. Play about 4 or 5 different courses for birthday or celebration...
    Fantastic, Thank you @mvmac My wife is getting tired of me blocking the doorways practicing steady head.
   Hey Dave welcome So you know there is a whole lot of good info here, plenty of stuff to see and practice jump right in.
Ain't dat da truth ever since they took the crank handle off the front of the engine, the car has been nutin' but trouble. Just teasin'. I like simplicity.
   lol, I just went back to look at the date I picked, it isn't even october yet,    @Golfingdad slow down, pace yourself.
   I got a 24. Aww booger, you guys whoop me bad! 
   Is that a double breaker? Looks like it'd be up hill, have to hit it pretty hard.
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