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    Wow, nice. Hazards at the work place, were you wearing any PSD's?
 After reading other posts, accepting and implementing input from the players would have been a huge improvement. Micro-manage is one thing but to rule with an iron fist? Tom Watson is a great player, maybe not the best at captain.
  You pured that one - wrong club ahole
  Lunatics are all around us. Look at the person next to you, does he/she not look right?
Depends on what you use it for.  @tristanhilton85  has a great camera for sale (or had ) Casio EX-ZR700 on the Marketplace
    What states don't allow a concealed weapons permit?
Exactly! Third shot from the rough on a par 4, even if it is just off the green, isn't good.
   Welcome Frank, Congratulations on your remission. Jump right in, there is alot going on, plenty of things to post about, Ryder Cup comes to mind. Plenty of great instruction here if you feel the need, just don't take any of my advice, I have and it doesn't help.lol
  Excellent!Okay I got it now!
  Oh yeah, and don't drink the water.
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