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Which leg?
            I never thought of it that way, just figured, get in line and yes having people behind my group makes me feel rushed.                Quote:          Maybe he's got a hot date, not nice to keep the ladies waiting.
@nevets88 Now your just toyin' wit me  ; ) when I learn how to post videos youz guyz are in truble
Eagles Stones Fleetwood Mac
I'm the same way, LHL stopped the wrist action.Much smoother stroke.
         http://www.gamegolf.com/player/bste UserName: bste RealName: Brian Steinmetz
I use both, one holding a magnifying glass.
Hey everyone, so Well let me tell ya, for the first four years learning to golf I ingested the golf magazines tips like coolaid. You name it I tried it. Watched a lot of Golf Channel instruction, Loved it.Nothing helped. Can you believe it?Fifth year struck gold, ( I know sounds like I'm suckin' up but really) while perusing the Internet "there must be something I'm missing." The Sand Trap website, whats this, you don't aim your clubface at the target? Ball flight laws?...
 I started this long spiel, and after reading it couldn't convince myself. So I'm playing what I've got till I can improve. Working on steady head. Trying not to confuse myself with to many swing thoughts, Driver, quit slicing thread. So much information so little time. Gotta runBrian
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