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@Sante TwoGloves    Check it out on Google Earth, they have the ruler for distances.   Looks like some holes are fairly open and others have a lot of bunkers you'll want to navigate around.   Hope this helps.   Brian
I want Turbulators to help me drive it long with the PING G30 Driver!   I predict that the BLUE (EAST COAST) TEAM will win the 2015 NEWPORT CUP by a score of 28 to 26.   The MVP will be @jbishop15 with 10 points.
Hi, My name is Brian, and I suck at golf.   Been trying to buy a Tee shot since I started to golf, approximately six years ago.   My irons are the not much better, but since moving to the most forward tees I have shorter approach shots, less horrendous second shots.   My NGir shots are usually close enough to keep me out of three putt range.   Oh yea and I'm cheap and lazy, So.........   A lot to work on.
I also carry 2, D and 3wand for discussions sake, what tour player played a driver off the fairway, as recently as last season?       
  Could be your weight shift, ball position, clubface.  Video would help. In the meantime, maybe this will help.   Good luck.
I want to boost my game with adipower boost   Jordan Speith -16   Dustin Johnson - 16   Jason Day - 16
And then, if the first two replies weren't enough, gear effect comes into play.    
Never   Back swing thoughts:   Feel the weight on the inside of the right foot (I'm right handed), shoulder to chin, pause at the top (get in sync).   Not necessarily going slow but slowing it down, hard to slow down when White Rabbit is playing in you head  ( Jefferson Airplane).lol
First thought: big draw left rough - then: no, that isn't me, baby draw center fairway.   looking at where the ball is starting and if it is a baby draw, in the fairway.   Waffle much ( talking to myself )
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