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   I had to laugh, I would tag the driver when I get to the tee box, tag during my preshot routine, tag as I'm walking off the tee box, then have to stop and think if I tagged after I've walked to my ball.I just kill myself. But I am getting better.  
Okay, 1st-Driver-senior tees-I hit a 180 yard drive once, to right side of fairway, more than likely behind the large clump of trees on the right 2nd-aim for the large clump of trees on the left, 3 wood, fades to the right side of the fairway, right rough possibly across the cart path into the small clump of trees 3rd-Punch out from under the trees, 4-5-or 6 iron depending on the distance to the green, short of the green and BAM, I'm in the fairway 4th-bump and run,...
 Mortician's nightmare? lolHot toddie, 60" TV and nobody to interrupt, try to maneuver around.I'm sure it would be very exciting to go to a live event, never been, just too many people, crowds. Idiots yelling"in the hole"For those of you who have been to a live event, is there always that one person yelling, on the cell phone?
  I prefer TV. Except for the commercials, you can turn down the volume,  with a warm drink and a cold body beside you. lol See a lot of the actions, reactions, with a closer view. The camera is always following somebody.
  I cut the cord a couple years ago. Had dishnetwork for the golf channel. Ran about $70 a month. Have Hulu Plus and Netflix now and OTA antenna, enjoying the savings but missing the golf.   Brian
  Welcome, congratulations on retirement, looking forward to doing that some day. There are reviews of hybrids in the equipment reviews thread. There are alot of good players who use hybrids, they make the game easier.   Brian
On the subject of the tags coming loose: I used a small piece of sand paper to get a firm grip on the tags, when putting them in the grips. Check them everytime I pull or replace a club, try to turn them. Only used them three or four rounds. None have been lost, fallen out.   On the subject of tagging clubs before strokes: It's not become a part of my routine yet, I forget if I tagged or not, find double tags, but it's okay because you can delete double tags. and if...
I've used @RockBottomGolf.com, was pleased with their service, don't know what the shipping would be to NZ but you could check it out.   Brian
Accidentally or not, very nice. No more vacations lol.edit: vacations are good, breaks from golf, not so good.
@Lihu  Lookin' good. Well done and only one lesson, I'm sure you put in a lot of time, congratulations.
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