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I also carry 2, D and 3wand for discussions sake, what tour player played a driver off the fairway, as recently as last season?       
  Could be your weight shift, ball position, clubface.  Video would help. In the meantime, maybe this will help.   Good luck.
I want to boost my game with adipower boost   Jordan Speith -16   Dustin Johnson - 16   Jason Day - 16
And then, if the first two replies weren't enough, gear effect comes into play.    
Never   Back swing thoughts:   Feel the weight on the inside of the right foot (I'm right handed), shoulder to chin, pause at the top (get in sync).   Not necessarily going slow but slowing it down, hard to slow down when White Rabbit is playing in you head  ( Jefferson Airplane).lol
First thought: big draw left rough - then: no, that isn't me, baby draw center fairway.   looking at where the ball is starting and if it is a baby draw, in the fairway.   Waffle much ( talking to myself )
      Hope these will help.
I was B-fit for Bridgestone Tour B330-RXS golf balls   Louie Oosthuizen  -6   Martin Kaymer   -6   Angel Cabrera  -6
Well, 2 inches of rough is pretty short, no need to come into it at a steep angle.   sounds like a PW to hop to the fringe, bounce once and roll as far away from the hole as I can get and still be on the green.  lol   But, like vangator said, If it's bermuda rough, 60 LW pop and roll.
New Posts  All Forums: