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Welcome,   As a high HC I have and am still learning a lot about golf and believe you have found a great place to help with your obsession.   There is so much to learn and participate in on this site, so many better players willing to share their expertise and stories.   So take a deep breath and jump in.   Brian
Love your sense of humor, how much snow did you get? Get ye to a range, shape some balls.   Brian     Edit by Brian
I have four hybrids: 14*, 15.5*, 17*, 19* I hit my 3 wood pretty consistent, longer than the 14*, but wanted to get some numbers on all of them, so took out the 3 wood. Needless to say, the 3 wood is going to stay in the bag for the distance. Also use 3-SW. Hit them all pretty well but need to gain distance with them. LW isn't in the bag, don't use it enough. Use what you can, work on what you need. With some lessons, over the winter, my swing is in flux. So to...
Okay, A place to start:   1. Head down, looking at the ball, should help posture.   2. Point toes out, helps with turn rates and weight transfer.   3. check grip, pulls are a face problem, not his, he looks normal. weaker grip opens club face, straighter even a push.         Brian         edit by Brian 11:35
I've only got good things to say about the staff at game golf.   They were fast courteous and straightened out my indiscretions.   On the first tee, there were players on the fairway waving us through.   So we felt rushed, and I proceeded to skip tags.   They weren't as slow as they thought they were and were behind us on the second.   So we felt rushed on the second hole.   By the third we'd put some distance between us and settled down, but by then I screwed...
Just stopped by Game Golf to look at my rounds. Noticed (don't know how long it's been there but) the temp, wind speed and direction was at the top, next to the date and course name.
LMAO  I've seen some strange things, but that takes the cake.
  I'd probably go with running a video of the training facility in Erie. A couple students putting, working slow, half and quarter swings. Maybe at an outdoor driving range? Anything golf related, and don't forget the stats, for pros and amateurs. The teaching staff, pictures, names and bio's? Might be too busy visually? The names of the countries the book has been sold in?I do like this picture.
   I had to laugh, I would tag the driver when I get to the tee box, tag during my preshot routine, tag as I'm walking off the tee box, then have to stop and think if I tagged after I've walked to my ball.I just kill myself. But I am getting better.  
Okay, 1st-Driver-senior tees-I hit a 180 yard drive once, to right side of fairway, more than likely behind the large clump of trees on the right 2nd-aim for the large clump of trees on the left, 3 wood, fades to the right side of the fairway, right rough possibly across the cart path into the small clump of trees 3rd-Punch out from under the trees, 4-5-or 6 iron depending on the distance to the green, short of the green and BAM, I'm in the fairway 4th-bump and run,...
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