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  Obviously, couldn't wait for your next drive.
    Hey @nevets88 Golfsmith has a "resources" section under the "club making " section, check out the articles and guides area. The cutter should work fine for steel shafts, dremel tool for graphite. I'm sure you'll find experienced clubfitters on TST, I'm not, so.... I'd like to hear about the whole process, please keep posting on your experience.   Thanks Brian
     Considering his ability to win on one leg, I've gone all out too 5+ with 1+ majors. Backs can be fickle, so i'm just holding out hope that he can stay healthy. His return will bring quite a bit of attention, and I'm sure the talking heads will have all kinds of scenarios in place, on which to babble.
   Anal w/ a capital A. 14 slots 14 clubs               3 wood   Driver   Hybrid                  5i       Hybrid      3i              6i      7i             8i       9i             Pw    Aw           Sw      Putter     If I have an open slot I go spastic, I've left a club some where!!!! More times than not, I put two clubs in one slot. Oh...My...God  
  Welcome, Youtube is a great medium and look forward to seeing more from you. Alot of good instruction on this sight.
   As long as he/she isn't using the round for handicap, I have no problem with them using it. As far as beating me, shoot, I'll just step up my game. lol  It's been said previously, don't slow me down.
@Lihu I have always had an issue with woods, pushes, soooo, I have four 3 woods. Picked up a Nickent 15* hybrid I love, goes maybe 10 yards shorter.  Bbuuuttt as in, what a butthead, always go back to the 3 wood for distance. Good Luck hope you can find something that will work.
The Woods Denver would be cool. lol
    Hey guys, I normally play from the most forward mens tees, I'm 57 and my driver is directionally challenged, but every once in a while I'll change tees, Ladies or white, never from the tips, and my scores never get better.lol.
    Wow, nice. Hazards at the work place, were you wearing any PSD's?
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