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Golf is what you make it. Like getting your a$$ kicked, play longer.
I agree.   Golf didn't die after Arnie or Jack.   There is golf in the High school and Colleges/Universities.   Although there is no one dominant player at this time, the amount of playoffs are evidence of that.   The young guns and subsequent playoffs will draw viewers.   It's an exciting time, things are changing.   IMHO
  Into the 70's with a little Nazareth and Aerosmith  
http://@golfworks.com has a lot of shaft info if you would like to do a search for a new shaft.   A good fitter is your best bet to get the proper shaft.
Thanks @nevets88  just having one of those days.  
I'll have 4 new balls to play with and carry about a dozen really bad balls, that way if my playing partners need to borrow one. 
Congratulations  @kpaulhus @PhraseUniverse It's nice to be able to go back and look at your rounds, see where your good and bad choices were, tweek you game.
  My suggestion would be to pick up a sleeve of balls you would like to try and compare them side by side, hole by hole. Played correctly Bump and run shouldn't have any check.   Also, some advocate when testing a new ball to start at the green and work your way back to the tee. ie: test it on the green, how does it feel off the putter?    Chip and pitching:  fell good, get what you want or no not really. You get my drift? It's all feel, your feel, you have to decide. Good...
The Srixon AD333 is a two piece ball.  Middle of the road.   A better ball can help your game, just depends on what you want, where you think a different ball would help.
been listening to Paul Simon for years Video didn't upload
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