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I just recently night cobra bio cell irons 4-GW and traded in my previous clubs, cobra fp 4-GW Any reviews on bio cells?
I only have 2 wedges in my bag, 44° PW and 50° GW, I open the face with both and get the same result as a lob wedge
King cobra fp "08" 4-GW
I only have 2 wedges in my bag, a 44° PW and 50° GW should I add a wedge like 56-60°
If u have sweaty hands I found the winn dri tac midsize or standard grips to be great, I have them on my driver, faiway wood, ping Eye 2 2 iron driving iron,
I would think fowler wouldn't leave cause nike wouldn't be able to keep up with his Sunday orange and colorful, cool outfits that he wears, puma is the only company to only do that and it fits him well
I have a rickie fowler orange cobra amp cell driver, I have a puma golf outfit
Driver: 215 4 wood: 180 Ping Eye 2 2 iron:170 4 iron: 165 5 iron:160 6 iron: 155 7 iron: 150 8 iron: 140 9 iron: 130 PW: 120 GW:105 Cleveland Left handed 60°: 70
That's why I said well, not great, I get decent yardage off the tee and use it from the fairway a couple times but I'm thinking about a 55-60° wedge, GW is 50, PW is 44
I Have a 18° 2 iron that I hit well and a 2 rescue club that I don't hit as well as my irons, should I take out the hybrid/rescue for a wedge? I have a 16° 4 wood and my regular iron set is 4-GW. Highest wedge is GW 50° I'm ambidextrous and carry lefty 60°
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