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sorry to hear that.  i've been emailing them this past week to prove to me that they are a real company.  They always referred to me as "dear" as well.  They tell me that they are a US company but won't give me the state where they are located.  I told them I wanted to look up their company on a state registry but they say they only sell online...and then never answer the question...what BS. I'm just toying with them now.  I asked for their facebook page and prove to me...
yeah I was kind of thinking the same thing. also the facebook and other social media buttons are not clickable as well. maybe i just answered my own question. if it's too good to be true...beware...but I thought i'd ask anyway.
Just curious if anyone has every bought anything from golfoffer.us. of course they have great prices but not sure if they are legit. some people have left reviews on some of the clubs saying they are very happy with their purchase but they could be fake. thanks
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