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Pretty good for someone who has been playing a short period of time.  One thing you can do ( besides take info from the PROS ) is shorten the swing and figure out how to hit the short shots straight.  When I'm struggling with the Driver I tend to go to the Short game area and just work on Confidence.  Two positives there - 1. If I hit in trouble with the driver my short game better be sharp.  2.  If I work at my short game it usually gives me better tempo through the bag.
Iron fit may be an issue to , don't you think?
Too many people believe Cell Phones with all these lines etc. are a necessity. I only have a family of Two - so I cannot really understand the need for a family with four kids to have six lines and all that.  But that's just me.    When did we become so dependent on cell phones and texting anyways?  I think it's on the same level as any other addition in some ways.  to say you need it is just not true.  I think the Phone Companies are really pulling the wool over your...
I think that this forum is pretty perceptive about the "lack of sun mountain" bags on pro tours.  Yep ... but I do think that if you look closely the features of Sun Mountain bags are either copied or they use Sun Mountain to make the other bags.  Sun Mountain started out small and has really grown.   My like for sun mountain increased after I sent a bag back for repair and they sent me a new bag free of charge.  There is no substitution ( name brand or whatever ) for...
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