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I think so, they are white dots
Hello, not sure how to search fot this issue hope its not out there. I just picked up a set of G20 (sized to me). And now the ball goes to the left big time. At set to square the face my hands are near my front foot with ball center between legs. Kinda at a loss. I'm getting help in the spring, just looking for some tips until then.. Thanks in advance,
I picked up a set of GX922 last fall and as a beginner liked them so far, but I never seem to hit them correctly sometimes my 7I goes 150 yards sometimes 130yards yet the hits feel the same again it's gotta be me. But today I was hitting really bad and went to the PGASS and tried a few clubs ( Taylor Made speedblade and Ping G25) and I was actually shocked at the results. The PGASS guy told me to grab my 7I to compare and here are the results (ave of 10 shots) steel...
Only input I have is this - I suck at golf but I started taking all advice I can find and try and piece together what works for me. I teach kids and teens how to hit a baseball ( I been teaching for years) and what I found out over many years is that every instructor teaches different things (talk to 100 coaches get a 100 different swings), but all are similar in most of the key areas. I found out that not every kid/teen can do the same thing on every part of the swing but...
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