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I get the step away from the "line" before the "stroke" is actually made, I just don't see how your partner can tell you to adjust your putter as you are ready to stroke the ball. I don't see this happening at any time in PGA or LPGA. Seems like if it was legal - Ryder Cup would be the right time to use it. - No marks - and step away from line before the stroke.
Your response is contrary to rule 8-2b.  b. On the Putting Green When the player’s ball is on the putting green, the player, his partner or either of their caddies may, before but not during the stroke, point out a line for putting, but in so doing the putting green must not be touched. A mark must not be placed anywhere to indicate a line for putting
You are on the putting green - your partner is standing  behind you looking at the line, your putter is grounded - just prior to striking the ball - your partner is telling you - to move your putter head, left -right - etc to get the right line - and then you stroke the ball. Is this legal. 
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