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I like the idea of some sort of licence given by the USGA which provides an incentive when you pass the test. I think the incentive would have to be monetary in nature in order to get involvement from a greater number of people. Something like up to $25 off a greens fee at participating courses I think may generate enough interest for casual golfers to learn about the basic rules and etiquitte of golf. The problem I see with imposing restrictions (limited tee selections...
Going to have to go with a hybrid and a wedge here as well. I'd choose my 3-hybrid for distance and putting and my 52* gap wedge to handle the short game.
1. My total score: 76 (show those golf gods you can keep playing well!) 2. # of birdies (or better): 2 3. # bogies: 6 4. # doubles (or worse): 0 5. Final match play results: Win, 1 up
I average about 34 putts per round with only 2 GIR. As a 25-handicapper, I consider putting one of my strengths!
 Yikes! I guess keeping my head down is only part of the battle. I didn't realize my head was moving THAT much during the swing. What is the best way to practice this without someone to help like in the video? You mention resting my head against a stick or door jamb but would that allow me to make full swings or would starting off with shorter swings and working my way up to a full swing the best way to teach myself to keep my head steady?
 I changed the top of my backswing earlier in the year in an attempt to hit my mid to short irons better. I think I may be turning my wrists too much at the top and that is why the club face is too open. Thoughts?As an aside, when I first started golfing my backswing stayed extremely closed throughout resulting in many wicked hooks. This was probably due to the fact that I played hockey for >10 years before I played golf. Some people told me that it looked like I was...
I had a feeling after reading about the 5 keys that transferring my weight forward would be one of the main things I will need to practice. I didn't realize how bad it was but that screenshot makes it pretty clear that I still have a lot of weight on my back foot at impact. I think my main concern is how do I know when to start shifting my weight forward. Thanks for the advice.
I've been Playing Golf for:​ ~7 years  My current handicap index or average score is: 25 (hdcp) / 100 (average score) My typical ball flight is: usually a small slice The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: I have a tendency with my 6-9 iron to hit the ball to the left and short about 20-30 yards.     Videos:   This video contains 9 shots:   - 2x 7 iron (rear view) - 2x 7 iron (side view) - 3x 3 hybrid (rear view) - 2x driver (rear...
Playing a relatively short par-4 with a sharp dogleg right at the end, I decide to pull a 3-wood just to get one out there... and by "get one out there" I mean top the ball so it ends up in the water on the right. I tee another one up for my third shot and put it in the sand about 200 yards down the hole on the left. My first attempt out of the sand hits the lip of the bunker and falls back in so it is now situated just at the right edge of the bunker. Frustrated, my...
I counted it up the other day and I have played 37 different courses (I added 2 new ones over this past weekend) which consist of 34 throughout Michigan, 1 in Colorado (Eisenhower Course at Air Force Academy), 1 in Hawaii (Waiehu Golf Course), and 1 in South Carolina (Walker Course at Clemson). I orginally started out collecting logo balls from each course I played at but I ran into a few courses that didn't sell them so I stopped doing that.
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