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Will the balls really get plugged so badly they are going to be lost?  I may have to reconsider playing on Sunday. There's supposed to be rain on Saturday, but I thought since the sun will be out Sunday it would be all right.
So all my balls will get buried? Or will it be close to normal?
As many people have stated, his instructional videos are not the best so I don't watch them. However, I do watch a lot of the course vlogs and find them very entertaining.
It's going to be 40 degrees on Sunday, but I'm going to play anyway. I couldn't wait any longer.    Does anyone have tips for playing in cold weather? I hear the greens are very hard and your approach shots will bounce off of them. 
Here in NYC temperatures are going to be in the 50s a few weeks from now. Hoping to play then. 
Well, this isn't a par 3 course really. The longest hole is 80 yards, haha. So he'll have a club he couldn't hit much farther than that if he tried. 
That sounds like a good idea. However, since the range here is absurdly expensive, I'll see what I can teach him in the park with a club and some rubber practice balls. Then maybe some putting on a carpet, and then we'll risk the pitch-and-putt.
Well, at least they're advancing the ball in some way. We're talking about someone who's barely held a club before. He could just hack at the ball a couple of times on each hole and then pick up, but that wouldn't be much fun for either of us. Can complete beginners actually hit the ball consistently?
Hello everyone,   An acquaintance of mine has asked me to introduce him to golf. I thought I would start by bringing him to the pitch-and-putt course, but I thought that it would be better for him first to acquire some basic level of proficiency, such as being able to hit the ball with the club most of the time. My question is, when would it be acceptable for someone to play the pitch-and-putt course? It's just an average pitch-and-putt course, there are people hacking...
There is no range at the course where I play, so I use the first hole as a warm-up. Fortunately I usually manage to bogey it.
New Posts  All Forums: