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There is no range at the course where I play, so I use the first hole as a warm-up. Fortunately I usually manage to bogey it.
1 and 1. Yay...   The most pars I've made in a round was 6, and 4 of them were on one nine. 
6 iron and sand wedge. 
I have made only 4 birdies in my life, and I've played hundreds of rounds. Don't expect to make many, if any of them. Instead, think of par as a birdie - that will be rare enough. 
46-52 98, including my usual two triples. Yuck. 
I hit two shots today which I was very pleased with. One occurred on a par 4, where I drove into a practically unplayable lie in the trees left, hacked it out into the rough, and had about 140 yards into the green, beneath low overhanging tree branches. I punched a 6 iron out, and the ball hung in the air just long enough to run onto the green 10 feet from the pin. I didn't see the shot at first (it was blind), and was amazed to find the ball where it was. I missed the...
This happened yesterday on a 390-yard par 4.   1st - Driver pull-hooked into the woods.  2nd - Penalty. 3rd - Weak driver into the right rough.  4th - 6-iron topped into a fairway bunker. 5th - 6-iron topped (barely) out of the fairway bunker. 6th - 7-iron into the left rough. 7th - Sand wedge over the green. 8th - Sand wedge skulled back into the front fringe. 9th - Bad putt left about 6 feet short. 10th - 2nd putt missed.   I might even have left a shot or...
Pleased with the 45-47 92 I shot today - a new personal best. 
At the moment, just a driver, 3 hybrid, irons 5-SW, and putter. 
50-53 for an 103. Too many triple bogeys - the five triples alone accounted for half my dropped shots. 
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