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Too many practice swings, then by the time you get to address, you forget what you wanted to do.
Agree too with the above that an incomplete backswing (or rather, incomplete turn) can force the arms to get involved in a 'hit' to make any sort of power, and this forces arms out of plane and the ball hits the hosel.
Yes, you are hitting a Sherman Tank, Barclary's Bank, J'Arthur Sh...ank. Been there, done that. You are swinging outside your intended path and are making contact with the ball on the hosel, the rounded bit of the iron right at the heel of the club. and the ball shoots right. I nearly nailed a PP of mine doing this the other week. The reason that you dont do it with the woods is because a wood does not have a hosel. I would recommend some help from a PGA pro. In my...
This happenned to me last weekend, when I was in a four ball on Sunday afternoon. I have been playing for a bit less than a year, and thought I had it all sorted. Then, last Sunday, I had a nightmare (also had a hangover), and sometimes could not even reach the red tees from my own tee shot. Also nearly nailed a playing partner with a shankeroo that went practically square. I was really unhappy. I thought that I was going to have to give up the game, but I went to the...
This happens when your arms work independently of your body. You might be trying to muscle the ball and, as per a previous reply, your right arm gets heavily involved and forces the club head to move outside the intended swing path. I was taught to 'pitch with the body'. Make sure you still turn, irrespective of pitch length.
Hi Everyone, Have just joined, hooked on golf, been playing for about ten months and learning all I can. Regards, Paul.
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