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I just bought SwingTalk and love it. It made me realize how flat my swing was and has not only helped with distance, but also accuracy. I think there are a lot of unnecessary stats for a player of my caliber, but for a lower handicap it may be beneficial. Here are two screen shots from a swing of mine compared to a pro. Mine is the (blue) and pro is (red). My takeaway is too inside, very flat and backswing is excessive. After seeing this I was able to take my club more...
Watched Tiger today and he looked the Tiger of old. His short game looked really good from what I saw.   Phil played with DJ, Rickie and Snedaker and I know they had $$ on a few holes bc they finished three of the holes we watched before starting to practice putting and chipping. Phil put on a nice show with his flop shots for the crowd.   What an incredible experience. I feel very blessed to have witnessed what I saw today. It was completely astonishing. 
Enjoy Carl. My wife won tickets and we are taking our fathers. We're driving from Michigan Saturday and going to play 18 in NC Sunday and then play The Landing on Reynolds Plantation on Lake Oconee GA on Monday. My father always wanted to take his father and his dad died at a young age, so it means so much to experience this with him and my FIL. I guess we'll all be able to check one off the Bucket List.
 Thanks for clearing that up. I'm fully aware and I wasn't referencing any particular injury, he's had multiple. Again, it's just my opinion.
 Correct, we were not married when I won them years back.
  No, my wife won the 4 tickets. I did win some a few years back, but we were unable to attend.
I really like Jordan Speith. He seems to really have it all together for a young buck. I would love to see him pushing Rory. I'm very much looking forward to taking my father and FIL to Tuesday's practice round. This will be our first time seeing the course. For those that have been in prior years are there any particular holes that you would recommend stationing at? Thanks.
I hope he does play as my wife and I won Tuesday practice round tickets and we're taking our fathers.    Personally, I think that Tiger was taking HGH for many years and now that they are testing for it his body is braking down just like Mark McGwire's did after years of use. From what I have read getting off of it completely messes you up mentally and you lose focus. I believe that years down the road this will become public. This is just my opinion...
Thanks boys. I'm going to Golfsmith this weekend to spend a couple hours. Hopefully this is the last week in the 20's here in Michigan. I'm so over this winter.
Thanks Tiger. The distance between my PW and the 52* is about 15 yards. I'm going to head to Goldsmith this weekend and hit some different lofts. Just partials around the green to answer your question.
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