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Thanks boys. I'm going to Golfsmith this weekend to spend a couple hours. Hopefully this is the last week in the 20's here in Michigan. I'm so over this winter.
Thanks Tiger. The distance between my PW and the 52* is about 15 yards. I'm going to head to Goldsmith this weekend and hit some different lofts. Just partials around the green to answer your question.
My question was about adding another Vokey to the mix. I have a 45 degree sand wedge and a 52 degree Vokey. Would a 58 degree be better than a 56 or 60 degree? I hit my 52 about 95 yards. Thanks.
This question pertains to not going to get fitted, so please keep this in mind. First off, I'm a 17 handicap (14.5 index). My pitching wedge is 45 degrees. I was gifted a Titleist Vokey SM5 52 degree for Xmas and have hit it many times so returning it is not an option. My question is if I were to buy one more of these would a 58 degree be the best to fit into the gap? I feel a 56 might be to close to the 52 and a 60 might be too much. Thanks for the replies.
I was having back issues a while back and did some research myself. After going to the chiropractor for about 6 months it wasn't getting any better. I read an article on foam rolling. I then Googled foam rolling + back pain and found these two Youtube videos. I started doing the first of these two and realized that it had nothing to do with my lower back and everything to do with my glutes. If you have had a massage you know that there are stress toxins (knots) that they...
Well, you win the diehard trophy. 30's is not on my radar, but good for you. Let us know what you think once you get out.
Me too, I'm in Michigan. It looks great sitting on my desk, but I won't get to use it until Aprilish.
Mine arrives today and I just read through this entire thread. :) Is there a way to search people by your country club? Or players that have played the course and look at the stats?   I like what Dave2512 said about: I found a guy that posted a few rounds at my parents club that averaged 304 driving and was shooting under par and it is a very challenging course. Seeing where he put tbe ball compared to my usual shots was eye opening.
Yes, thanks. I just did the research.
I have been thinking about trying one of these. Has anyone used both devices and what are your thoughts? Thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: