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I use this one by Ace and it works quite well for tennis elbow (outside) but not so good for golfer's elbow (inside). It has a tightening dial that allows you to dial up or dial down more/less pressure.    http://www.acebrand.com/wps/portal/3M/en_US/AceBrand/Home/Products/Product-Catalog/~/Elbow-Strap-with-Custom-Dial-System?N=3294529207+4304+3294605570&rt=rud   I also have one of these around the office and at home by my couch. When I use it, it really...
My pro turned me on to Ubersense. It works well for what I was looking for. I also have a GoPro that I have not set up and used yet for my swing.
I've been using a 3.0 on my Scotty Del Mar for about a year. I liked the new black/red/white grip, so I just ordered it. Well, I didn't realize that I ordered a 2.0 by mistake. I decided to keep it and not return it. I waited until my important league matches were over and had it put on yesterday. Although, they say that it's not much difference between the 3.0 and the 2.0, I personally like the bigger 3.0. I'm going to finish the season with the 2.0 and see how it goes. I...
Yes, I take 2 on longer putts and one on shorter putts. It seems to help with my distance control and keeps me in my routine.
Well, I finished the book Monday evening. It took me a while to get through it only due to lack of time. Since I started reading it my last (5) 9 holes went like this...39, 41,42,42,42. Being a higher handicapper (18-19) I am truly happy with these last 5 rounds. I usually start dropping my hand about this time of year, but these scores are great for me. I have never shot under 40 and being close that number my last 5 matches has me very excited. The book is fantastic and...
I absolutely LOVE this book. Time has been an issue, but have 40 pages left. I can't wait to finish it and read it again. Great job fellas.
I have always worn a glove, but one day recently I decided to hit at the range without one. I seemed to hit the ball better, but haven't tried it out on the course yet. It's still hot here in MI, so once I'm not sweating my ass off while playing, I'm going to give it a shot. I will say that the Nike all-weather gloves are AMAZING in rainy wet conditions. The wetter they get the better they grip.
Erik, I meant I think I was peeking my head turning and looking at target before impact.
All great info fellas. Back to the chipping green on Tuesday. Thanks and Happy Labor Day to all.
How many posts or how long does one have to be a member before being able to edit your signature?
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