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 I've played rounds with a cart that had a timer that displayed if you were on pace on not and I found it effective as well.  I honestly have no idea if courses that have these have pace of play issues or not. It would be interesting to find out but my inclination is that there are always going to be those people who think the rules/guidelines don't apply to them. I agree shutting carts down would be extreme and create a lot of hassle but there could be some middle ground.
 Hmmm.. Using GPS technology to enforce pace of play sounds interesting. Then the onus wouldn't been on a Marshall or ranger to make the tough decision.  Once you drive off from the 1st tee box the GPS will know and start the clock.  If you don't show up at a tee within a specified time it let's you know with maybe a yellow warning or something. Fall behind too far and maybe you go into the red and the cart shuts down not letting you move anymore effectively...
101. Solid off tee with only lost ball coming off a hybrid tee shot. Driver shot is a a fade that I can count on... problem is if the hole is a dog left I still fade. Really need to up my approach and chips to get in 90s reliably.
Looks like US will win the front 9 but lose the back 9. Kinda of like the previous morning vs afternoon sessions.
Didn't bubba / kutcher play 7 or 8 under? They just ran into an absolute buzz saw in rose/stenson. That match was really really good.
Poulter was doing the dagger to the heart after chipping in yesterday. It's fine.
Looking like it might be locked up rather early.... wonder if the us can manage to split singles 6 - 6 to only lose by 4.
While there is nothing stopping anyone from not playing by the rules of golf I like the idea of "relaxed" rules. I really like the OB/Lost balls just dropping at area nearest point last crossed. I think it's plenty penal enough to take a drop and a shot let alone having to go back to last position to replay shot.  I liked on the round table one of the guys was saying the day he goes back to replay a shot from the tee will be the first days he's gone back to the tee. 
This sums it up for me at this point.
102 legit. 4 pars 2 triples and 1 quad. The rest were bogie or doubles. It was the first time playing this course so I feel good about that score. I need to work on my full swing to calm the slice and chipping needs serious work.
New Posts  All Forums: