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While there is nothing stopping anyone from not playing by the rules of golf I like the idea of "relaxed" rules. I really like the OB/Lost balls just dropping at area nearest point last crossed. I think it's plenty penal enough to take a drop and a shot let alone having to go back to last position to replay shot.  I liked on the round table one of the guys was saying the day he goes back to replay a shot from the tee will be the first days he's gone back to the tee. 
This sums it up for me at this point.
102 legit. 4 pars 2 triples and 1 quad. The rest were bogie or doubles. It was the first time playing this course so I feel good about that score. I need to work on my full swing to calm the slice and chipping needs serious work.
I was browsing TST on my phone with Golf Central on in the background when I heard it and my ears perked up. Legit.
Thanks... I am going to try to focus on that because I have read the thread about sliding the hips and have tried it before and really feel that it helps drop my right shoulder down to help get me on plane. Also when I was swinging a driver in a simulator at Edwin Watts that sales guy mentioned I had an armsy swing and needed to get my lower body more involved which makes sense.
Thanks for feedback... lessons are going to happen sooner than later. The thing that has been hard for me is evaluating what's wrong and how to fix it. And when I do read or watch a drill that I think might help its hard to trust sticking with it.
  I've been Playing Golf for:​ Learned and played a little as a teen. Played once or twice a year for a couple years in my 20s. Recently been playing and going to the range once a week for past 4 months.   My current handicap index or average score is: Around 95-110 (depending on how many "don't count that's" I take; best legit count every stroke has been 103 so far) My typical ball flight is: Fade at best to slice off the planet. The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm...
96. Driving is getting better and only had a few penalties overall. Didn't chunk any irons and only hit a few fat shots that came up short. Chipping was a let down. Putting was decent because I have a good feel for the slow greens; namely hit it straight and hard as its not likely to run out much if I am offline.
Any tips on how to make bogeys feel good for those of us shooting over 100? Even knowing if I bogeyed all holes I'd shoot my lowest round ever I still feel let down not making par. Which makes no sense because I am lucky to make 2 or 3 pars a round currently. Last time I played I tried thinking that par on every hole was +1 (so pars 4, 5, 6) but gave up after a few holes. I might try taking a sharpie to black out the par line on the score card and writing in the new par...
I've just started playing regularly this summer and have 2 birdies in over a dozen rounds and the first one was the first time I went out on the last hole I played in the rain before lightning scared me off course. The key for high handicappers? Luck. I'dbe happy with more than a couple pars per round at this point.
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