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Presently use a Rife Barbados on fast greens, find the mallet is better, on wet days when green are slow revert to my Odyssey white ice 6. Some social days games pull out my old Acushnet bulls eye, it great on short pits but struggle on long puts with it.
Read in the Australian News, shocking news Greg had a accident using a chain saw, cutting his left hand, hoping he has a full recovery and wish him well.
Think Rory will roll it in, also hope young Jason Day finishes strong.
Decided to have a Sunday game normally play mid week, course was it top condition today, weather was fine with morning temp of 25c,also changed my putter with greens being very fast, front nine had 42, but had fine back nine 38,still not able to break the 80, but hoping it come soon. 
Williams typical kiwi, just ask Tiger. 
Nice golf today,finally had some fine weather, course started to dry out after weeks of rain, Had 1 birdie,10 pars,5 bogies,2 doubles for 40/40=80,two bad chips, one wayward drive in the water, missed 2 makeable par puts, had the chance to break 80 but let it slip.
Nice to see Rory was best with persimmons,I'd take it would be a very foreign club to todays players, with practice using a persimmon they might achieve the same shot as great AP.We see what the week brings with the modern club.
Correct not a traditional links course, the Centenary course created by Jack Nicklaus, it about 50/50 conventional and links, not sure if you familiar with the lay out but one of the most challenging, even of the front markers, had the privilege to play there on holiday, very picturesque,can distract you from your game.
Team sport you pick the people inform, plus look at past performance, match play entirely different ball game,captain's have to think of pairing and who perform well together. Agree with the McGinley choice, The Euro team will be hard to topple on links course.
The G25, now played a couple months with them, finding them very good, have picked up about 10 yards in the long irons,8 iron upwards hitting about same length as the SZ cobra I was using. Overall very pleased with the Pings, Woods and Hybrids excellent very rare to get miss hits, normally operator fault if you don't find the fairway.
New Posts  All Forums: